Ready, Set, Go!

Paddock Pool Equipment Company, headquartered in Rock Hill, S.C., announces a new addition to its Starting Platform family. The Fast Track Starting Platform features a sturdy dual post stainless steel frame with an extra-large solid slip-resistant top preferred by competitive swimmers of all ages. Tops are available in custom colors.

Paddock Pool Equipment Company: 800-849-2729

Chloramine Reduction

Dulcodes A UV systems are ideal for the photochemical decomposition of combined chlorine (chloramines) in the treatment of swimming pool water. Chlorine-resistant germs, especially cryptosporidia, are reliably killed. Special medium-pressure UV lamps generate intense polychromatic UV radiation to reduce the strong odor-producing and eye-irritating substances. The result is an improved quality of water for healthy and pleasant swimming.

ProMinent Fluid Controls Inc.: 412-788-7919

Pool Maintenance Simplified

The Accu-Tab® tablet chlorination system simplifies swimming pool maintenance and allows you to escape the hassles of bleach. No heavy drums, bulky containment tanks or bleached clothing—all while providing consistent chlorine levels. With more than 15 years of experience in the commercial aquatics industry, the NSF/ANSI 50 certified system stands up to the challenges of commercial pool environments, as well as rigorous industry, health and performance requirements.

Accu-Tab Tablet Chlorination Systems: 800-245-2974

Pool Shop

For more than 59 years, Lincoln Equipment Inc. has established itself as a market leader for commercial swimming pool products. The Lincoln catalog contains the most comprehensive selection of high-quality swimming pool equipment and aquatic supplies available. The catalog is organized into an easy-to-use format that helps you locate the products you need. In addition, Lincoln Customer Service specialists can help you be ADA compliant.

Lincoln Equipment Inc.: 800-223-5450

Just Right

Neptune-Benson introduces the new Assero designed for pools and spas with flowrates up to 420 GPM. Perfect for educational facilities, YMCA pools, lap, diving and therapy pools. Small, powerful and affordable, the new Assero maintains all the same great benefits and features of the Defender® line: saves water, waste and chemicals; reduces fuel and energy demands; and removes particles down to 1 micron.

Neptune-Benson: 800-832-8002

Inspired Imaginations

Airspace Solutions continues to inspire imagination and physical activity in play. Sealed or constant flow inflatables offer play value and quality, and can be made to accommodate any size pool. Choose from one of the themed inflatables to create fun-filled play that will attract people to your pool and generate significant revenue.

Airspace Solutions: 800-872-1319

Fun Out of the Sun

Since 1892, Anchor Industries has provided high-quality custom fabric and frame products including commercial pool covers and FUNbrellas®. The FUNbrella is a giant, commercial umbrella that is perfect for waterparks, schools, municipalities, hotels, restaurants, recreational areas and so much more. Noted for its quality, ease of installation and durability, the FUNbrella comes in Classic, Shark and Palm models, and is available in multiple colors and with custom graphic capabilities.

Anchor Industries: 800-255-5552

Safety Alert

New XR1 can alert the front desk or office via a wireless system. SOS sensors on lifeguard tubes and/or Panic Buttons at the pool can send an instant alarm to an office or front desk. SOS will alarm as soon as it hits the water. Provide instant assistance to a possible emergency. RJE Technologies Inc. is the new owner of the Safety Turtle product line.

RJE Technologies Inc.: 877-467-6627