Pitcher Perfect

Beacon Athletics introduces the best four-sided pitching rubber available today. With twice the rubber (weighs more than 40 pounds), this pitching rubber will outlast anything on the market today. Thicker rubber does not allow the front and back sides to move up when tamping the clay around the pitching rubber. The improved quality means all four sides of the rubber can be used.

Beacon Athletics: 800-747-5985

Speedy Seeding

New CoverGrow Spread or Spray advanced pellet technology introduced by Profile Products offers unmatched on-the-ground performance compared to other leading pellets. CoverGrow can be applied by hand or spreader, or sprayed hydraulically. CoverGrow mixes easily, even in jet-agitated hydroseeders where it goes quickly into suspension. It is also designed to provide a smoother flow for easy spreader application. Once activated by water, the pellets quickly expand in size and disperse to provide greater coverage and a stronger protective cover.

Profile Products: 800-508-8681

A Better Cover

More than 90 percent of all NFL and MLB teams rely on Covermaster for turf protection needs. The EVERGREEN turf blanket pictured here is a groundskeeper's dream come true in helping to maintain healthy natural grass. It's the weave of the fabric that creates a "greenhouse" type of effect. Ideal for new construction or repairs, earlier green-up in the spring, greener grass late in fall or to quickly establish new sod.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808

Year-Round Adhesives

NORDOT® Adhesives are formulated for year-round use in all types of outdoor environments and temperatures so you don't have to wait for ideal conditions. These one-part, high green strength curing urethanes are easy to use. High green strength (grab) helps avoid installation problems such as "seam curl" and "wind lift." Pictured is a seaming tape coated with NORDOT® Adhesive dispensed from a glue box.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Stripe It

Pioneer's Brite Striper 3000 SP airless striper offers the newest advances in athletic field painting technology with the convenience of a self-propelled machine. It is sturdy and lightweight, with a 50-foot hose for logos and wide-area spraying. Ride rough fields smoothly, thanks to large pneumatic tires and optional floating spray box. Additional features include: 0-3000 psi; warranty-backed Honda GX160 engine; breakthrough belt-and-chain drive system and adjustable speed to deliver straight great lines; and optional 15-gallon paint hopper.

Pioneer Athletics: 800-877-1500

Infield Support

Everything you need to build, maintain and improve your infields is supplied by Beam Clay®, makers of infield mixes, mound and batter's box clays, and red warning tracks for every state and climate from regional plants nationwide. Beam Clay® also supplies more than 200 other ballfield products from bases to windscreen and has supplied every MLB team, most minor league and college teams, and thousands of towns and schools from all 50 states and worldwide.

Partac Peat Corporation: 800-247-BEAM (2326)

Get Efficient

Netafim USA's Techline® CV Dripline is an efficient subsurface irrigation solution for any high-traffic sports facility. It delivers a precise amount of water directly to the root zone and prevents loss of water through evaporation or wind drift. Irrigation prior to a sporting event alleviates soil compaction. Subsurface irrigation with Techline CV reduces water usage costs, and with a flexible irrigation schedule the fields can be watered at any time—even during field use.

Netafim USA: 888-638-2346

Advanced Topdressing

Turfco's completely redesigned WideSpin 1550 topdresser is the most advanced addition to Turfco's WideSpin family, offering unprecedented control and precision. Reflecting the needs of superintendents, the 1550 offers more capacity, easier hopper loading, programmable presets, rate calculation and a wider range of applications. The new hydraulic system and spinner design on the 1550 make Turfco's patented WideSpin technology even more versatile, while still delivering a consistent, even spread. Operators can switch between a superlight application to ultra-heavy and everything in between.

Turfco: 800-679-8201