Chloramines Be Gone

DeltaUV is now offering a medium-pressure UVC Light Technology product that effectively removes chloramines to improve water and air quality for bather comfort and safety. The DeltaUV product is NSF-50 Certified and is perfect for indoor facilities that are now being regulated by strict testing protocols for chloramine levels. This environmentally friendly product is designed to eradicate micro-organisms in commercial aquatic facilities, including the highest level of disinfection against Cryptosporidium, Giardia and e-Coli.

DeltaUV: 866-889-8765

Constant Monitor

BECS Technology introduces the new BECSys Now! App for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android smart phones. BECSys Now! allows operators of BECSys5 and BECSys7 controllers to monitor all of their pools 24x7 from the convenience of their mobile device. Available free in the App Store and Google play.

BECS Technology Inc.: 314-567-0088

Quick Response

Code Blue Corp. has announced the release of Blue Alert First Responder. Designed specifically for colleges, hospitals, corporations and municipalities, Blue Alert First Responder is a suite of innovative incident response solutions that efficiently and effectively detect and respond when a situation occurs. The Blue Alert EMS (Event Management System) handles all incoming emergency and non-emergency events with an easy-to-use interface. Responders can effectively respond to incidents and remotely control Code Blue emergency communication devices.

Code Blue Corporation: 800-205-7186

Upscale Rails

S.R. Smith's Artisan Rail Series combines functionality and elegance. These designer-inspired rails are patent-pending and will add an upscale, custom look to any pool environment. The Artisan hand rail will fit standard Figure 4 rail anchors; the Artisan ladder will replace a typical 24-inch three-step ladder; and the Artisan stair rail is an attractive replacement for a 5-foot two-bend or three-bend stair rail.

S.R. Smith llc: 800-824-4387

Extend Your Season

Consider the year-round benefits of adding an insulated engineered tension membrane pool enclosure. Available in 30 to 200 feet width by any length and offering proven technology worldwide.

Sprung Instant Structures Inc.: 800-528-9899

Suck It Up

Water Tech's new Skimmer Vac is a hydraulic, easy-to-use manual device that with a few easy pumps will suck out all debris from virtually any pool skimmer basket without having to remove the basket itself. Everything from leaves and twigs to insects, rodents and other "untouchables" are instantly removed and sealed in a water-tight compartment. There is never a need to touch or even be exposed to the many health and environmental dangers that make their way into an otherwise clean and healthy pool.

Water Tech Corp.: 800-298-8800 Ext. 130

On Ice

The Zamboni Company has introduced the latest in its line of ice resurfacing machines, the Model 546. Replacing the Model 545, this new machine introduces an efficient and reliable new engine supplier to the world's most popular ice resurfacing machines. The Model 546 incorporates a 1.6-liter Kubota® engine, which provides the industry's best fuel efficiency. Kubota's engine is a reliable performer specifically designed for industrial application and is based on a proven cast iron diesel engine platform.

Zamboni Company: 562-633-0751