Traffic Manager

With the most complete line of surfacing systems in the world of fitness, Surface America features versatile, durable TuffRoll—a leader in the speckled roll good product division. Using a proprietary manufacturing and splitting process, TuffRoll offers consistent density with no soft or hard spots, perfect uniformity in thickness from roll to roll, and no lip at the joints where rolls abut. Perfect for fitness facilities, ice rinks and other high-traffic areas.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Smooth and Solid

ProGym features a smooth, solid top for basketball, volleyball and inline hockey arenas. It is the quickest and easiest module to snap together or to take apart, and can be used for either permanent or portable installations. ProGym is made from a resilient yet durable polypropylene material and is available in 16 standard colors to meet any need. Custom colors are also available.

Mateflex: 800-926-3539

New Life

The BSS 2000 Resurfacing System is a revolutionary Beynon Sports manufacturing and installation process that restores the appearance and texture of your existing surface and enhances the feel under foot. Beynon Sports' BSS 2000 Resurfacing System not only improves aesthetics, but can bring rubber sheet good products and aged two-component polyurethane systems to within IAAF performance parameters.

Beynon Sports Surfaces: 410-771-9473


Gerstung Floor System Research shows that the majority of dance and aerobic injuries are related to the impact of repetitive jumping and dance exercising. In 1969, Gerstung developed a subfloor to flex with quick recovery in the immediate vicinity of the foot's impact. Today, the Gerstung suspended AirBase® is still featured as a leading floor with the greatest shock absorbency, resiliency and stability for athletes and dancers.

Gerstung: 800-922-3575

Eco-Friendly Option

Everlast sports surfacing with Nike Grind is ideal for fitness applications. Available in rolls, tiles, interlocking tiles and UltraTile, Everlast comes in standard color patterns and unlimited custom color, design and logo capabilities. Environmentally friendly, Everlast consists of recycled tire rubber, colorful EPDM flecks and pre- and post-consumer Nike Grind, a premium-grade raw material made from recycled athletic shoes and Nike manufacturing scrap. Everlast can contribute up to 12 points toward LEED certification.

Everlast Sports Surfacing with Nike Grind: 800-322-1923

Play On

No Fault Safety Surface is the finest poured-in-place product available for playgrounds, courtyards and various athletic applications. No Fault Safety Surface is ideal for playground applications because it provides fall height protection and the ability to create unique graphics and patterns. No Fault Safety Surface provides a seamless and slip-resistant application that is both AS and ADA approved. It's great for both indoor and outdoor applications.

No Fault Safety Surface: 866-NFSPORT

Wooden It Be Nice?

PG Hardwood Flooring Inc. manufactures unfinished hardwood flooring boards for factory finishing or finishing on the premises once installed. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, PG applies the highest industry standards to grading in order to deliver exceptional quality flooring. PG, an industry reference, uses only the finest hardwood species. The solid reputation established with gymnasium designers has made PG the envy of competitors.

PG Hardwood Flooring Inc.: 800-463-3436

Keep It Clean

Aacer announced the new Aacer Court- Kleen product lineup for maintenance of gym floors. The lineup includes a CourtKleen daily cleaner, Court- Kleen intensive cleaner, custom mop, wet microfiber, daily static magicfiber and CourtKleen applicator. These are the recommended cleaning products to be used on all Aacer gym floors. New care and maintenance instructions reference this product, so users will easily know what is recommended.

Aacer: 877-582-1181