Towel Off

For more than 35 years, family-owned Texon Athletic Towel has supplied quality and cost-effective towels in various sizes and styles to schools, government, municipalities and athletic franchises nationally. Including gym towels, microfiber, colored, white and center striped towels. Texon Athletic Towel also provides laundry supplies, such as anti-microbial solutions, laundry carts, laundry trucks, laundry bags, laundry collars and more.

Texon Athletic Towel: 800-328-3966

Lots of Locks

Zephyr Lock's new addition to its club line of locker locks are a step above the competition in terms of simplicity, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The 2310 Electronic Cam Lock offers the flexibility of being capable of either permanent or shared-use applications. The 3310 Mechanical Shared Use Lock offers shared use without the need for batteries. Both can be recess-mounted for a lower profile and sleeker look on wood, phenolic or plastic lockers, and are easily retrofitted to many locker styles.

Zephyr Lock: 866-937-4971

Locker Shop

Hadrian Inc. offers a full range of exceptional locker products, including Emperor (corridor) lockers, Gladiator (athletic) lockers and easy-to-install Replacement Front lockers, which install directly over the frames of existing lockers. Hadrian's double-pan door design with honeycomb core resists impact and ensures consistently quiet operation. Available in a wide selection of durable powder-coated finishes (including anti-graffiti and "special effects" finishes), Hadrian lockers provide an attractive and effective storage solution.

Hadrian Inc.: 905-333-0300

Quick and Easy

Summit Lockers has expanded its product line with a new cell phone locker for quick, secure, temporary storage of personal items such as cell phones, wallets and keys. These new lockers increase member storage without compromising security or taking up valuable space. Options include locks (key, padlock or digital locks), size (fit existing openings) and color (patterns and solids). Summit Lockers provides durable and innovative locker solutions.

Summit Lockers Inc.: 888-310-7149

A Custom Look

Custom locker company Longhorn Locker Co, LLC, using their AIM Locker line, has been providing reliable service for a combined total of more than 50 years. Longhorn Locker designs and builds a total hybrid custom locker for each customer, ranging from high schools and universities to professional teams across the nation, such as BCS Champions Alabama, Stanford, OSU, TCU, UT Austin, Mercer, UCF, MLS Houston Dynamos and high schools too numerous to list.

Longhorn Locker Co. LLC: 210-852-2322

On Guard

Protect your facility and patrons from MRSA, H1N1 and HIV with the lowest-priced EPA formula available. Revolution Wipes safely sanitizes all fitness equipment surfaces. The fast-acting formula kills pathogens on contact and is an effective virucidal and fungicidal. Tested and approved by leading equipment manufacturers, the ever-evolving GymWipes product line offers the best value. Dispensers and stands are available.

2XL Corporation: 888-977-3726