Hands Free

Pushing a dispenser "bump bar" is obsolete, messy and inefficient. Now you can let the new automatic eye do the work—you just hold the popcorn bag/cup. The new #2499A Automatic Popcorn Topping Dispenser has an infrared beam that guides the dispenser to release topping when it "sees" popcorn or the container. The dispensing speed is also adjustable so you can tailor the time to fit your needs. It holds one 35-pound bag of product, includes an LED sign, a precision stainless steel pump and manual push button.

Gold Medal Products co.: 800-543-0862

Fly a Kite

Poligon Fabric (formerly known as Parasol) is putting an artistic spin on shade. These new fabric kites are available in three fabric types: High Density Polyethylene, Water Resistant and Vinyl. Each one is secured by a curved column protected in super-durable Poli-5000 powder coat. A wide variety of colors and configurations are available to make the kites the perfect solution for every site from splashpads to corporate campuses.

Poligon by PorterCorp: 800-354-7721

Sort It Out

Midwest Industries introduced the SimpleSort'r lineup in 2013, releasing three 10-bin trailers and four six-bin versions for purchase throughout the United States. A portion of the lineup is for traditional recyclables such as plastic and glass. Another segment exists for these recyclables in addition to a large bin just for cardboard. The separation allows the cardstock to stay dry, being kept from containers that may hold liquid remnants.

Midwest Industries inc.: 855-458-0306

To the Rescue

SeaKlear®'s new Rescue Klear is designed to address tough, cloudy pool water problems in commercial aquatic facilities with high bather loads. Rescue Klear blends a powerful enzyme and a natural clarifier to quickly and effectively clean up oils from bathers and vandalism, as well as dead algae. Suntan oils, recreational toys and algae can cause build-up on the water line or in the filter media. SeaKlear Rescue Klear battles the problem using enzymes to naturally degrade the oils and lotions coupled with SeaKlear's proven natural clarifying biopolymers to clear the water and allow the filter to remove pollutants efficiently.

SeaKlear Water Treatment Solutions: 866-99-KLEAR (995-5327)

A Finished Look

Finish the look of your stadium from the outside with Beacon Athletics' Bleacher Wrap panels. Add your team logo or artwork to brand your stadium and present a clean appearance from all angles. Custom panels give you access for storage below the bleachers. Available in standard and custom sizes.

Beacon Athletics: 800-747-5985

Clean It Up

Water Tech is now offering a new automatic pool cleaner called the Hercules Power Rated 8000--a new, more compact design suited to pools found in larger hotels and public recreational swimming facilities. This super-efficient, compact, automatic pool cleaner comes complete with the patented Aqua Smart System, which enables the machine to completely cover the pool and pick up all debris and particles from the pool bottom in one cycle. The unit also comes standard with a wireless remote control system that helps direct the cleaner to areas of the pool that may require special cleaning attention.

Water Tech Inc.: 800-298-8800

Clean Water, Clear Air

DeltaUV is now providing its EA Series UV disinfecting unit to clean both the water and air around commercial spas and hot tubs. The new EA Spa Series uses powerful UV-C ray lamps to destroy microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, algae, yeast and mold—items that aren't always eradicated with traditional chlorine and salt systems. The EA Series makes spa maintenance simple while drastically reducing chemical use and eliminating nasty chlorine smells, irritated skin and eyes and damaged hair.

DeltaUV: 866-889-8765

Plenty of Pads

Only need a few pads or parts? Save time and money—order from the padding experts. Full Circle Padding has more than 40 manufacturers to choose from on the website, with equipment pictures for easy ordering, at 10 percent to 50 percent less than the manufacturer. Don't see your equipment listed? No problem. Full Circle can make any custom pad or cable. Visit the website for easy-to-follow instructions on how to measure.

Full Circle Padding inc.: 800-875-7780