Night and Day

You can have a splashpad by day, and a focal point at night with the right lighting solution. Aquatic Recreation Company (ARC) now offers lighting effects to make your water spray feature a multi-functional, decorative and fun environment day and night.

Aquatic Recreation Company: 877-632-0503

Get Into It

Get your fans into the game with a high-definition video display from Eversan. Whether displaying player profiles, crowd prompts or instant replay, Eversan video displays let your fans experience the game with their favorite players. Eversan video displays are also a great tool for raising funds for your athletic program by showing advertisements during the game.

Eversan: 800-383-6060

Shed Some Light

As the world's leading innovator in sports and large area lighting solutions, Musco can help you with generations of safer, more efficient sports lighting for your community. Musco's energy-efficient Green Generation Lighting® can: cut operating costs by half; reduce spill light by 50 percent; eliminate 100 percent of repair hassles for 25 years; and provide Constant Light levels.

Musco Lighting: 800-825-6030

Choose Your Game

Colorado Time Systems introduces its new multisport scoreboard product line for all sports and athletic venues. Each scoreboard features 2.4GHz wireless operation, rugged powder-coated aluminum enclosures and high-visibility LED digits. Most can be used for multiple sports in multipurpose facilities.

Colorado Time Systems: 800-279-0111

Change It Up

Changeable Team Sports/Scoreboards offer Team Board Designs that can recognize top athletes, win/loss games or current sports events. These changeable scoreboards include double headers (optional), removable sports headers and athletic panels for easy changing. All units include pre-printed headers and logos. Your choice of colors and includes packaged adhesive letters and numbers.

Grid Concepts: 866-310-4278

Flip the Switch

With years of experience designing and developing innovative lighting systems, Techline Sports Lighting combines high-quality products with great prices and the best possible customer service. Techline is your one-stop source for consulting, design, products, installation, warranty and financing. EcoLink, Techline's revolutionary Wireless Control system, allows you to schedule and monitor lights from your smart phone or tablet and save money.

Techline Sports Lighting: 800-500-3161

Play the Game

Electro-Mech will keep the score. With an Electro-Mech scoreboard, you can focus on the more important things, like team building. Electro-Mech scoreboards are durable and easy to install. Energy-efficient LEDs lower the cost of installation, power and maintenance. Electro-Mech proudly offers state-of-the-art LED scoreboards to every level of competition. You can even customize scoreboard colors and graphics to best suit your field's needs.

Electro-Mech Scoreboard Company: 800-445-7846