Wipe Your Feet

Mats Inc. introduces Legacy Nop, the newest foot grilles that combine incredible scraping power with designer nop inserts. Legacy Nop is a patented hybrid product that installs like a carpet but offers the performance of a foot grille. Uniting scraping fibers with 100 percent polypropylene designer Supreme Nop inserts, Legacy Nop provides both dirt and debris removal and moisture absorption to help maintain a cleaner and safer environment. An ideal choice for buildings and renovations looking to make a powerful first impression at the front door.

Mats Inc.: 800-628-7462

Spread Out

TurfEx introduces the TS95 walk-behind drop spreader. Ideal for use in small yards and other confined areas, the spreader distributes material in a controlled pattern to reduce waste and prevent material from being applied to unwanted areas. The TS95 features a corrosion-resistant polyethylene hopper with a 120-pound capacity. It is capable of spreading a variety of granular materials, including fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide and seed, in a 28-inch-wide pattern.

TurfEx : 866-5-TURFEX (588-7339)

On the Ropes

Inspired by treetop ropes courses, KidNetix Ropes Courses from GameTime are an exciting way to add climbing play to your park or playground. Each of the net structures is designed to enhance upper- and lower-body strength, improve decision-making skills and encourage teamwork and cooperative play. Choose from eight different KidNetix structures to create your own ropes course and bring a treetop adventure to your playground.

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Add Some Elegance

Bradley Corp. introduces the beautifully streamlined Verge L-Series Lavatory System, designed exclusively for the most upscale and refined commercial restroom applications. Distinguished by its minimalist aesthetics and clean lines, the Verge L-Series features an attractive, molded and completely seamless basin made from Bradley's durable and sustainable Evero® Natural Quartz surface. Its classic design, complemented by modern curves and lines, evokes a sense of timeless elegance and distinction. The unique basin shape funnels water to the drain.

Bradley Corp.: 800-BRADLEY (272-3539)

Air Supply

As an alternative to surface aerators, Air-O-Lator added the Deep Aire product line to the existing water aeration group as another tool to improve the water quality and ecosystem of ponds and lakes. The Deep Aire bottom-diffused aeration system creates a healthy pond or lake by taking oxygen to the pond's lowest depth. The Deep Aire diffused aeration system is a fine bubble diffuser. As the air bubbles are released, oxygen is added to the water.

Air-O-Lator Corporation: 800-821-3177

Better Protection

SeaKlear PRS is an enhanced filtration product providing a two-part system formulated to enhance filtration by trapping Cryptosporidium, E. coli and Giardia in the pool's filter in addition to removing dirt and oil. Improves water sanitation by enhancing the filter's ability to trap particles down to 0.5 microns. The perfect product to protect against chlorine-resistant contaminants in aquatic facilities—keep your pool water clean and clear.

Seaklear Water Treatment Solutions: 866-995-5327

Accessible Air

American Dryer's new patent-pending Wall Guard is ADA-compliant, achieving the four-inch-or-less unit protrusion guidelines without the need to recess the accompanying dryer into the wall, thus eliminating the need to cut holes into restroom walls. The standalone Wall Guard is designed to sit below the dryer and is easily installed using just the four screws provided. It achieves ADA compliance and provides safety for users living with disabilities. Wall Guard can be paired with American Dryer's high-speed energy-efficient EXTREMEAIR, ADVANTAGE and GLOBAL® Series for ADA compliance.

American Dryer: 508-678-9000


Flush restrooms are now more affordable than ever. People have always preferred restrooms with flush toilets and sinks, but parks have had difficulty providing them due to the necessity and high cost of utility connections. Green Flush Technologies has engineered a solution to this problem with the invention of a permanent, totally self-contained flush restroom.

Green Flush Technologies: 360-718-7595