Shower Power

Outdoor Shower Co. LLC manufactures unique stainless steel shower units available in freestanding and wall-mount designs. They have been installed at waterfront properties throughout the world and come with a 10-year warranty. Special features include foot showers, hose bibs, hand sprays, ADA-compliant metered push valves and shower heads varying in size from 1 inch to 19 inches. Custom designs are available to meet the needs of any installation requirements.

Outdoor Shower Co. LLC: 866-746-9371

Roll It Out

These sturdy, lightweight, all-terrain products provide recreational opportunities for people of all abilities. Beach Access Chairs provide easier access in sand, snow and other soft soils. Balloon flotation tires give these chairs extra stability. They are made of durable PVC and non-corrosive wheels. Four models are available: rear articulating wheels, four large wheels, reclining beach chair and beach stroller. Enjoy the outdoors and feel empowered to tackle any environment!

Aqua Creek Products: 888-687-3552

Clean Comfort

The new self-propelled Cherrington Model 5500 Screener offers the comfort of an air-conditioned cab with unparalleled maneuverability for quick and productive beach cleaning. The fixed screen oscillation thoroughly cleans the sand of all objects larger than the selected and easily changeable sifting screens. Screen out coral, stones, trash, seaweed, broken glass and cigarettes with the Model 5500 and immediately return the clean, fluffy sand back to the beach.

Cherrington Enterprises: 800-966-1588

What's Up Dock?

Connect-A-Dock is the ideal product for all your waterfront needs. Connect-A-Dock has a wide variety of products for canoe/kayaking, rowing, marina, home and ponds. The product's modular design and rugged construction make it the simplest, most reliable way to build floating docks for your park, resort, home or marina. Check the online store for a variety of marine products, including water toys and accessories.

Connect-A-Dock Inc.: 877-742-3071

Sun Protection

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen manufactures fragrance-free, non-greasy, broad-spectrum sunscreen in convenient gallon and quart pump dispensers for marina use, municipal life guards and golf course maintenance staff. Convenient, pocket-size 2-ounce bottles refill from the pump dispensers for personal reapplication in the field. Additionally, RMS manufactures lip balm with SPF protection.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen: 303-940-9803

Take a Ride

Aqua-Cycle Water Trikes are fun, profitable, low-maintenance and ideal for any water-sports location. Available in bright red, yellow, blue, green and orange—they attract people from all around. Aqua-Cycle Water Trikes are found worldwide at lakes, bays, marinas and resorts—wherever people are having fun in the water. Made of polyethylene, stainless steel and aluminum, there is nothing to rust and very few parts to wear out.

Aquatic Adventures: 800-970-2688

Just Add Water

Create a floating playground of endless, high-impact fun. Wibit AquaStations offer continuous, creative free play for all ages. From swinging and blasting to climbing and sliding, the options are endless with these modular inflatable play systems. Constructed of the industry's best commercial-grade materials, this easy-to-assemble fun zone is ideal for both indoor and outdoor locations looking to generate excitement, increase attendance and boost ROI. Create your own activity island for an ever-changing attraction that keeps them coming back for more.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

On the Water

Wahoo Docks is the premier manufacturer of top-quality aluminum boat docks, gangways and floating structures in North America. Known for high-quality products and reliability, Wahoo Docks has worked extensively with government entities across the country. The company is skilled at custom-designing and building, from the largest marina to a modest fishing platform. Pictured is the public boat dock commissioned by Troup County, Ga., for Pyne Road Park.

Wahoo Docks: 866-532-8411