Get a Boost

Boost attendance and increase revenues at your swimming pool with Wibit Modular and FlatTop Inflatables. Wibit Sports has developed a complete line of modular and FlatTop inflatables that are configurable in any layout, allowing you to create the activities and games of your choosing so they meet your customers' interests and your facility's needs. Be inspired by the uniqueness of Wibit products.

Recreonics Inc.: 800-428-3254

Head for the Tropics

Empex Watertoys® has created a new line of interactive water features with a tropical theme. The new features are leafy flora and zany fauna with tropical trees and flowers, caterpillars and butterflies, bugs and snails, monkeys and birds, all intended to provide an exciting and unique water playground for kids up to age 12. Interactive water play structures with slides are also available to create a dynamic tropical centerpiece. Products provide a lifetime corrosion warranty.

Empex Watertoys: 866-833-8580

Feed Me

The new NSF® listed Pulsar® feeders were designed to decrease maintenance and increase functionality. The new design has an HMI touchscreen control box that allows the feeder to wash down automatically, turn the booster pump on and off for less energy consumption, and control the safety switches. The new Pulsar® feeder will accurately dose a highly concentrated 2 percent chlorine solution making remarkable water clarity, color and sparkle as easy to achieve as they are to enjoy.

Lonza Microbial Control: 800-432-1223

New Look

The Titanium deckplate (Publication No. US-2013-00594650-A1) will revolutionize the look, feel, durability and functionality of your aquatic facility. This ruggedized in-deck solution features: corrosion-free titanium jacks; unique domed topography to allow water to flow off; dramatically limited corrosion through electrolysis; integrated speedlight connection so no additional cable harness is necessary; and a five-year warranty

Colorado Time Systems: 800-279-0111

Get Wet

Downpour Derby pits players in a race to get each other wet. Crank the pump handle to fill the bucket over the head of your opponent. Whoever fills it first gets them wet! This four-player unit is great for all ages and can be customized to fit in any waterpark, splashpad, pool area or campground. Visit the website to see it in action.

Water Wars: 800-950-1132

Easy Cleaning

DuraMAX, often called "The Hard Worker," features a wide range of customizable features, which help enable these heavy-duty robots to handle the rigorous daily duties that commercial pool cleaning requires. From small hotels to large Olympic pools, there is a DuraMAX ready to work hard to keep your water sparkling clean. Let DuraMAX give you a visibly cleaner pool with less labor.

Aqua Products: 800-221-1750

A Fine Finish

Ramuc EP Hi-Build is formulated to provide the longest-lasting finish protection for concrete, plaster, gunite and fiberglass swimming pools, slides and spas. Packaged in an easy-to-use one-to-one mix ratio, EP Hi-Build Epoxy rolls on easily and is self-priming. Satin Finish. Abrasion and chemical resistant. For more than 70 years, Ramuc has provided the industry with quality, high-performance products you can depend on.

Ramuc Pool Paint: 800-745-6756

UV Solution

The UV Swim I Series from Aquionics is now fully compliant with NSF/ANSI Standard 50 2012 Cryptosporidium Inactivation and is third-party-validated to the USEPA Disinfection Guidance manual (UVDGM). With seven units in the range, the UV Swim I has one of the largest validation envelopes available. Units can be sized up to 5,000 GPM to include both disinfection and chloramine reduction. Using medium-pressure lamps, the UV Swim I includes an automatic wiping system, over-temperature protection, variable power and real-time dose display.

Aquionics Inc.: 800-925-0440