Go Neutral

NEX-GEN is the commercial swimming pool industry's first on-site chlorine generator with neutral pH chlorine. This unique system re-uses the swimming pool water to produce chlorine so TDS is never an issue. Produce chlorine for as little as 43 cents a gallon.

ChlorKing: 800-536-8180


Airspace Solutions continues to inspire imagination and physical activity in play. The sealed or constant flow inflatables are second to none in play value and build quality and can be made to accommodate any size pool. Choose from one of Airspace Solutions' themed inflatables to create fun-filled play that will attract people to your pool and generate significant revenue.

Airspace Solutions: 800-872-1319

Hot and Cold

The newest trend in fitness recreation is contrast therapy, which is a procedure of side-by-side hot tub and cold plunge pool immersion. Proven to be one of the best therapies for muscles recovering from strenuous activities such as running, biking and contact sports, the cold plunge, also known as cryotherapy, is now the No. 1 therapy used in training rooms and locker rooms due to its proven record of pain reduction, muscle recovery and blood circulation. Going from a cold pool, which constricts the blood vessels, to a hot tub, which opens up those vessels, stimulates the hormones and the body's immune system.

Diamond Spas: 720-864-9115

Simplify Venting

The Acid Fume Separator (AFS) is a proprietary device that allows for direct venting of an acid tank located inside a mechanical room. The AFS eliminates the need for costly venting via fans to outside areas or secondary water tank type fume traps. The result is a fume-free workplace with added protection of metal and electrical components. The proprietary reagent will change from white to purple when reagent is no longer effective.

ProMinent Fluid Controls Inc.: 412-788-7919

Clean It Quick

Hammer-Head provides portable, rechargeable battery-powered vacuum units for the pool service technician or pool manager. Remove debris without using the filtration system and cut your vacuum time in half.

Hammer-Head Performance Inc.:: 866-887-7983

Higher and Higher

AquaClimb Brand climbing walls are known as the leader in design and innovation for aquatic climbing walls but they also offer the best financial investment. The 3D ICE panel offered only by AquaClimb provides versatility that a flat wall just can't do. Having the ability to rotate each panel to eight different positions provides a new experience. When others are bored after years on a flat wall, your patrons will be excited by the new challenges you can give them for years to come.

AquaClimb by Pyramide USA: 800-956-6692

Time to Play

Playtime offers a selection of pre-designed, inventoried water play elements including floatables, kiddie waterslides, bolt-down climbers and safety pads. Water Play Classics are ready to ship and easy to install. With Hydro-tuff coating, the elements are resistant to UV and chlorine. Also available are little squirts water-splash systems and themed water-walks to help create an unforgettable pool experience.

Playtime: 303-662-0302

Ready Set Go!

S.R. Smith has just enhanced its starting platforms with the new SolidStart Edge. It increases the block edge surface area for improved grip. In addition, it is encapsulated in SealedSteel®, which increases traction, even when wet. The SolidStart Edge is another improvement to S.R. Smith's line of starting blocks, to help swimmers get off the blocks with more speed and power.

S.R. Smith LLC: 800-824-4387