Simple & Accurate

The Accu-Tab® tablet chlorination system simplifies swimming pool maintenance and allows you to escape the hassles of bleach. With more than 15 years of experience in the commercial aquatics industry, the NSF/ANSI 50 certified system stands up to the challenges of commercial pool environments, as well as rigorous industry, health and performance requirements.

Accu-Tab Tablet Chlorination Systems: 800-245-2974

Get Going

The first of its kind, AquaCourse is a multi-level play experience, traversing guests through an exhilarating aquatic course of ropes, towers, bridges and zip lines. Guests can choose from multiple tracks that are as wet or dry, active or passive, as they want. An overhead harness safety system encourages guests of all ages and skill levels to challenge themselves to seek as much or as little thrill as they wish.

Whitewater West: 604-273-1068

Work It Out

Affordable aquatic exercise using the pool bike One provides a low-impact, total-body workout. Everyday users can greatly improve strength, stamina and overall fitness. The adjustable frame is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel. It's lightweight design and front-mounted wheels allow for easy transfers in and out of your pool. Jump in and make a splash. Call today for more information about the One and other Aquatic Exercise Equipment from Aqua Creek Products.

Aqua Creek Products: 888-687-3552

Save Time & Money

Are you backwashing dollars down the drain? Maxi-Sweep Pool & Fountain Portable Vacuum Systems will clean your pools in half the time, while reducing your heating, water and chemical bills. Maxi-Sweep offers a money-back guarantee, and in 40 years, has never had to buy one back. Each gas or electric unit filters 8,000 gph with 225-square-foot filter area and includes a 30-inch, 36-inch or 42-inch vacuum head, 2-inch-by-50-foot hose and poles.

Maxi-Sweep Inc.: 800-279-2071

Attract More Families

Elevation features a complete range of innovative, multi-level, interactive play products and slides designed to provide exciting fun for all ages. Whether in a pool or on a Splashpad®, indoor or outdoor, Vortex Poolplay products maintain the design sophistication of your surrounding architecture while providing a fun, welcoming atmosphere that will draw new guests to your pool, waterpark or aquatic center. Easily interconnected and flexible to work within a limited space or even over a lazy river.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International: 877-5-VORTEX

Look Ahead

WMS has your pool's future in mind. The new catalog with the latest and best swimming pool equipment on the market has been launched along with a new user-friendly website. Since 1972, WMS Aquatics has provided the best aquatic products to its commercial swimming pool customers, offering superior customer service with each purchase. From new construction and consulting to equipment upgrades, eco-friendly products and ADA compliance, WMS offers high-quality pool equipment backed by years of experience.

WMS Aquatics: 800-426-9460

Cool Your Pool

Why isn't there more attention paid toward pool water temperature in the summertime? Living Waters Aeration understands that there is a need for cooler swimming pool water. Let Living Waters Aeration help you make the most of your swimming season and make hot pool water and boredom a thing of the past.

Living Waters Aeration: 919-803-8925

Suit Your Needs

Sprint Aquatics has been supplying aquatic equipment to individuals and organizations for more than 40 years. Sprint Aquatics has water products that will fit all your aquatic needs, from swim fins and goggles to floatation devices, toys and much more. Sprint Aquatics is known for quality and affordable pricing.

Sprint Aquatics: 800-235-2156