In Case of Emergency

Lincoln's Spine Board Package is what you need in an emergency. Foam-filled polyethylene spine board with concave shape to minimize lateral movement. X-ray and MRI translucent. Lincoln's Spine Board Package includes: Spine Board, Lincoln Head Immobilizer and Velcro body straps. The Lincoln Spine Board has a 1,000-pound weight capacity.

Lincoln Aquatics: 800-223-5450

Add Some Elegance

Spectrum Aquatics invites you to add style and elegance to your pool without sacrificing functionality or safety. Introducing the Solarian—an affordable, ADA-compliant line of themed pool deck equipment designed to give your pool an updated, harmonized look. Spectrum's products are made of 304L (or 316L upon request) U.S. stainless steel, electropolished and passivated with SpectraShield for maximum corrosion resistance. Powder coating options are available.

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-791-8056

Get Ready for MAHC

Neptune-Benson's ETS Ultraviolet Disinfection systems are world-class UV systems used for a number of applications in the aquatics industry and beyond. ETS systems: reduce "red eye" and skin irritations; enhance air quality by reducing chlorine odor; use fewer chemicals while improving water quality; protect your swimmers—validated 99.9 percent effective against Crypto. ETS systems are validated to NSF50 2012, ED and USEPA UVDGM.

ETS: 877-885-4628

Inside Out

For more than 42 years, Carolina Solar Structures has been in the business of enclosing commercial and residential swimming pools. CSS enclosures are pre-engineered with a bright, contemporary look. The aluminum construction and polycarbonate roof glazing with tempered insulated sliding glass door walls create a perfect setting for all your activities as well as making it a truly indoor-outdoor building. This feeling is enhanced by a motorized opening roof system, which opens up to 45 percent of the roof.

Carolina Solar Structures Inc.: 800-241-9560

Need a Lift?

LifeGuard Lift's new ADA-compliant line of pool and spa lifts provide 350-pound lift capacity and 360-degree rotation. The water-resistant wireless remote control and removable 12-volt rechargeable battery give the occupant complete control and the seatbelt, arm and foot rests provide safe and secure pool entry and exit assistance. The high-strength aluminum welded construction and marine-grade powder-coat paint provide an attractive solution for home and commercial lift applications.

Lifeguard Lift: 517-618-9763

Peak Performance

The Paddock Regenerator is the first NSF-approved regenerative filter in the market since 1967. The Paddock Regenerator filter is reliable and durable. With more than 40 years of experience in the field, Paddock's stainless steel tank is built to last for the life of your facility. Green System provides energy savings through automation. Provides superior water quality and performance. Units are designed to run full filtration range with minimal loss of effectiveness.

Paddock Pool Equipment Company: 803-324-1111

Good Sense

BECS Technology introduces the SS Series Autofill Sensor for controlling pool water level with the BECSys5 and BECSys7 water chemistry controllers. The SS Series sensor is easy to install with configurations for surge tank, stand pipe and sight glass mounting. Integrating Autofill with the BECSys controller provides the operator 24/7 access to Autofill status, using the "BECSys Now!" app, BECSys for Windows software and e-mail/text message Autofill alarm notifications.

BECS Technology Inc.: 314-567-0088

A New Option

EPD's new FRP filter system is all FRP construction with EPD's renowned performance. The fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks directly replace EPD's old style 13.5 steel tanks and include superior heavy bronze backwash valves and PLC-based controls. NSF-approved and backed by EPD's 15-year warranty and outstanding customer service.

EPD USA Inc.: 866-299-5929