Green Light

Hayward Commercial Pool Universal CrystaLogic® White LED Lighting is a bright and versatile 100-watt spa, 300-watt, or 500-watt equivalent white LED pool light for any recreational body of water or feature. These low-voltage 12-volt white LED lights offer energy savings of up to 84 percent over incandescent, can last 10 times longer and deliver a payback in less than two years. This unique, two-wire all-plastic design with an unbreakable lens is ideal for retrofits with its UL listing for safe installation in virtually any manufacturer's niche.

Hayward Commercial Pool Products: 800-657-2287

Save Space, Save Money

Neptune-Benson's award-winning Defender® Regenerative Media Filter can remove particles down to 1 micron or less. Engineered for sustainability, the Defender® uses 90 percent less water, 30 percent less fuel and chemicals, and 75 percent less space than sand filters while providing superior water quality. Find out why Neptune-Benson has more than 1,000 installations worldwide. Equipment with an amazing ROI. Call for a cost-savings analysis or more information.

Neptune-Benson: 800-832-8002

Simple Solution

The Solution Feed Systems are adjustable, wide-range liquid chemical feeders designed to improve operational safety and simplify the disinfection process while reducing operating costs. Features high-capacity feed with venturi mixing providing for consistent ORP/PPM set point and excellent chloramine control under the heaviest demands. These systems are virtually maintenance-free, carry a complete warranty, offer exceptional payback time and are certified NSF/ANSI Standard 50.

SureWater Technologies Inc.: 407-948-2080

Solar Powered

Consolidated Manufacturing International LLC introduces its state-of-the-art THERMOCRAFT Solar Panel Heating Systems for commercial swimming pools and spas. Reduce your heating cost and extend your swimming season. The lower-price, higher-quality no-seam panels are overmolded so the entire panel is one continuous part. The patented Tangential design allows the product to sit flat on a roof or structure, preventing stress between the header and collectors.

Consolidated Manufacturing International LLC: 973-214-2816