Year-Round Outdoor Adhesives

NORDOT® Adhesives are formulated for year-round use in all types of outdoor environments and temperatures so you don't have to wait for ideal weather. These one-part curing urethanes are easy to use. High "green strength" (grab) helps avoid installation problems. Pictured is seaming tape coated with NORDOT® Adhesive dispensed from a glue box. The turf will be unrolled onto it, creating a tight, strong, long-lasting and water-resistant seam.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Play On

Stabilizer Solutions Inc. is advancing the evolution of natural soil for baseball and softball fields. The company offers advanced infield and warning track mixes in both its Stabilizer® organic and Hilltopper® waterless product lines. The first of its kind, Hilltopper Infield system replaces needed moisture content with patented polymer technology, ensuring more play despite the elements.

Stabilizer Solutions Inc.: 800-336-2468

Well Dressed

Earth & Turf Products LLC announces its Model 60SP, an economical, very maneuverable, self-propelled topdresser, ideal for spreading dry or wet compost and sand, plus a variety of other materials. It features easy loading into its 6.7-cubic-foot hopper. Maximum load weight is 650 pounds. Optional loading chutes will increase capacity for lighter materials such as compost. A widespread beater produces an even spread pattern up to 42 inches wide. The 60SP is powered by a 190 cc Briggs & Stratton 875 series 6.5 HP engine.

Earth & Turf Products LLC: 888-693-2638