Achieve More

SYNRGY360 combines several popular, dynamic total-body exercises into a system that allows exercisers to achieve more than ever before. The comprehensive, pioneering, multipurpose training system gives personal trainers and individuals a platform to experience unlimited training possibilities in one efficient space. Life Fitness has made SYNRGY360 more accessible with three new customizable, modular configurations offering more scalable solutions for facilities. It's modular, flexible and great for both group and individual workouts.

Life Fitness: 800-634-8637

Upper-Body Workout

FreeMotion LIVEAXIS Shoulder targets muscles in the shoulders, arms and chest. Train for sport-specific movements like boxing and swimming on one machine. Live-sliding pulleys follow your path of movement, offering progressive resistance and optimum muscle activation throughout your entire exercise. The shoulder is one of the most injury-prone joints. LIVEAXIS not only strengthens the major muscles of the shoulder, but also targets smaller supporting muscles to encourage a stronger, healthier joint.

FreeMotion Fitness: 877-363-8449

Daily Dose

Power Systems is your preferred source for The Centurion Series of Treadmills and Ellipticals by Pro Maxima. These commercial-grade pieces are designed to handle daily use in your facility and feature more than 20 programs. Available with LED Console or 15-inch HD LCD TV Display. Equipped with Enhanced Intelligent Touch Heart Rate System, Fast Track Options and iPod capabilities. Features a 7-year warranty on motor and frame, 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor and display.

Power Systems: 800-321-6975

Bodyweight Training

The Lebert Equalizer is a simple, portable yet multipurpose and versatile piece of strength training equipment that works arms, chest, back and core muscles using your own bodyweight as resistance. This simple versatility allows the user full control over the amount of bodyweight used for a given exercise. The result is greater muscle endurance and strength. Great for dips, rows, agility and mobility drills. Made of steel, it supports 400 pounds.

Lebert Fitness Inc.: 905-812-0555

Row, Row, Row

For more than 25 years, WaterRower has combined stylish design, handcrafted workmanship, unique WaterFlywheel resistance and ethically sourced materials to create the world's finest rowing simulator. An American-made product, WaterRower's vast rowing machine assortment can be found within expansive health clubs, luxury hotels and boutique fitness studios throughout the world. With innovative design, user-friendly features and aesthetically pleasing on-water sound, the total-body workout provided by the WaterRower will make it the training tool of choice for any fitness facility.

WaterRower US: 800-852-2210

Score Some Super Abs

The all-new AbSolo features the patented ball-return design of the original but is now more compact, sleeker and quieter, with fewer moving parts. The seat design features an air-filled lumbar support pad for pre-stretch and full range of motion. Three multi-color "touch targets" promote oblique training and provide an opportunity for personal trainers to interact with clients while exercising. The re-designed unit also includes a counter/timer for instant feedback counting reps or timing intervals.

The ABS Company: 866-219-5335

Outfit Your Cardio Floor

True Fitness Technology has been designing and manufacturing premium cardio equipment for more than 30 years, and the all new CS400 line encompasses those design principles. The CS400 treadmill is designed around the beloved True Soft System, and the CS400 elliptical core-drive design gives users Cardio360, a total-body workout option, while the CS400 bikes are compact, with a realistic feel for all cyclists. With four console options, the CS400 line is designed for every fitness center around the world.

True Fitness Technology Inc.: 800-426-6570

Guide to Outdoor Fitness

PlayCore, a leading company in play and recreation research, programming and products, debuted its latest best practice guidebook, "Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks, Best Practices for Promoting Community Health by Increasing Physical Activity." The book, designed to help design, implement, program and market adult outdoor fitness areas, was created with an expert advisory committee and is the latest release in a series of best practice program guides.

PlayCore: 877-762-7563