Laterally Speaking

Helix Lateral Trainers announces the latest HLT3500 model. Recent design enhancements add a double-drive transmission system to make the 3500 even smoother and allow for effortless directional changes, while a proprietary new LCB can handle the extreme loads placed on the Helix in high-volume club, Y, college and professional sports team applications. Helix is quickly gaining traction in a number of top-tier fitness facilities and was recently named a Preferred Vendor for 24 Hour Fitness.

Helixco: 888-435-4926

Endless Opportunities

The Helios Exercise Multi-gym takes the biomechanics of indoor commercial fitness equipment outdoors. Turn your park, recreation area or open green space into a community fitness center. Easy installation, small physical footprint, maintenance-free construction and custom colors make the Helios a great choice for any outdoor space. Suitable for children, seniors and everyone in between.

Outdoor Fit Exercise Systems Inc.: 877-760-6337

The Fit Outdoors

With GTfit: Adult Outdoor Fitness by GameTime, GameTime is committed to creating outdoor fitness spaces with a wide range of endurance, strength and cross-training activities that promote aerobic, muscle and core strength, as well as balance and flexibility. Products are engineered for durability and designed for adults of all fitness levels. GTfit gets people moving and moves fitness forward by creating adult outdoor fitness spaces that provide more available, affordable and enjoyable ways to exercise in parks.

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Clean It Up

GymValet® is the industry's best holder for disinfectant spray bottles and towels. Easy to install, GymValet attaches directly to your equipment, fitting all frame shapes, angles and circumferences. It eliminates expensive waste from disposable wipes and paper towels to save money, and it prevent germ and virus transmission. Place sanitizing supplies precisely where they should be—at every exerciser's fingertips. Your members will love the convenience. GymValet also sells cleaning and sanitizing supplies.

GymValet: 216-378-4298

Get Active

Introducing ActionFit by UltraSite, outdoor fitness equipment specifically designed to help people live healthier lifestyles. ActionFit meets the elements of a well-rounded workout with options for core, aerobic, muscle and balance/flexibility exercises. Since it's outside, people can work out when it fits their schedule, plus get the proven benefits of outdoor exercise—fresh air, motivation, mental well-being, increased energy and higher levels of physical activity. With outdoor-specific durability, 20 equipment choices and easy pre-configured kits, Action Fit can help your community be more active.

ActionFit by UltraSite: 800-458-5872

Get Suspended

The TRX® Suspension Trainer is the original best-in-class workout system that leverages your bodyweight to perform hundreds of highly effective exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself by simply adjusting your body position to add or decrease resistance. The product comes equipped with commercial-grade rubber handles, adjustable barrel locks, a medium xtender strap, a locking carabiner to keep your investment safe and instructions. The TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer is the ideal solution for facilities that want to boost retention and non-dues revenue with TRX group classes and personal training.

TRX Training: 415-983-3239


It's a tow sled, a push sled and a rope anchor that lets you use plates, kettlebells, sand bells, med balls or dumbbells as weight. The Railyard Fitness Sled Anchor is one product that does the job of three, using the new weights in your facility. You can anchor up to six ropes or resistance products, pull it from both sides and use it on turf, concrete or wood floors.

Railyard Fitness Inc.: 877-787-0222

Accessible Press

Endorsed by U.S. Paralympian Jennifer French, Greenfields' wheelchair-accessible exercise equipment invites those with disabilities to enjoy outdoor fitness zones alongside the rest of the community. With an extensive product selection of fun, socially oriented exercise equipment—including not only accessible units but also adjustable hydraulic machines—Greenfields provides the number-one amenity for any park or greenspace. Demonstrate your community's commitment to fitness for all with a custom-designed outdoor gym.

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness: 888-315-9037