Promo Potential

Promote your park and programs with a custom Sign Bench. Parks, businesses and schools can use this bench for any kind of promotion to generate traffic and revenue. Be creative. Your custom sign can be changed often and used again. The all-steel bench is thermoplastic coated. The lockable backrest frame secures your custom signage. Benches can be 4, 6 or 8 feet long. The custom sign is available from Pilot Rock Signs or your local sign company.
BOOTH #2008

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.: 800-762-5002

Climb High

On Aug. 1, the Nicros-built Vertical Endeavors-Glendale Heights opened in Chicagoland. With more than 44,000 square feet of climbing wall surface, this new facility is the largest indoor climbing gym in the United States. Featuring a unique design, hand-sculpted cracks, arches and impressive overhangs, this facility showcases the quality and versatility that Nicros Climbing Wall Systems can provide for your new gym.
BOOTH #808

Nicros Climbing Wall Systems: 800-699-1975

Aim High

Rooted in the need for protection from wild animals, tree houses have a remarkable history. Fortunately, long gone are the days of danger on the ground, but the need for imaginative play has never been greater. As a fun lookout, the Trii offers a variety of ascent and descent components. Hovering on curved posts, individual Triis can be easily connected via bridges or tunnels to form tree house settlements.
BOOTH #722

Berliner Seilfabrik: 877-837-3676

Timeless Shelter

This timeless design of the Open Timber Truss has sheltered many special events and casual picnics from the hot afternoon sun and sudden showers. Heavy timber trusses and wind braces create a rugged, durable addition to your facility. Glue-laminated columns, beams and trusses with Southern Yellow Pine Decking add character. Customize with steel columns, metal roof, cupola, adjusting the roof pitch or even adding cedar shakes.
BOOTH #2406

Cedar Forest Products Co.: 800-552-9495


Boost attendance and increase revenues at your swimming pool with Wibit Modular and FlatTop Inflatables. Wibit Sports has developed a complete line of modular and FlatTop inflatables that are configurable in any layout, allowing you to create the activities and games of your choosing so they meet your customers' interests and your facility's needs. Be inspired by the uniqueness of Wibit products. Your guests have never experienced inflatables like these before.
BOOTH #2409

Recreonics Inc.: 800-428-3254

Sweet Shade

Shade Systems is proud to provide cooling, colorful "Sail" canopies to the new Pah Rah Park playground in Sparks, Nev. "Sail" designs, in fully customizable shapes and sizes, feature a unique, one-point fastening system with concealed corrosion-resistant stainless-steel cables for the most efficient canopy removal and re-attachment system in the industry. Shade Systems' bright canopies add visual excitement to any public environment and protect visitors from up to 99 percent of the sun's dangerous UV rays.
BOOTH #3013

Shade Systems Inc.: 800-609-6066

Complete Coverage

Poligon pavilions can provide complete coverage for your playground and picnic areas. A large structure will allow your guests to play longer without the worry of sunburns, and visit on rainy days without getting wet. Additional space can also be reserved as a revenue generator back toward your park. Each structure is designed and engineered for your site, and can be manufactured from steel, fabric or wood.
BOOTH #1609

Poligon: 616-399-1963

Front and Center

Offer attractive, professional, covered staging at events throughout the community with the FrontRow 4500 Mobile Concert Stage. Century's newest model of mobile outdoor concert stages offers larger stage areas, more roof coverage and faster, simplified setup than other stage systems. Designed for outdoor events, FrontRow stages feature push-button, hydraulically actuated operation for easy, expedited setup with minimum labor. FrontRow stages are available with a choice of sizes and optional features that permit tailoring to your individual event requirements.
BOOTH #2010

Century Industries: 800-248-3371