Expect More

A-Turf®, a national synthetic turf field builder, exceeds expectations with A-Turf Titan. With alternating rows of Mono and Premier XP fibers, this dual fiber construction offers the best of both fibers—durability and aesthetics. A-Turf's dense fiber construction, combined with ideal infill volume and grade, provides the perfect blend of traction and foot release. With a comprehensive choice of infill—rubber and sand, or rubber-only—the surface meets your needs. Ask about A-Turf's 12-year warranty.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910

Tough Turf

TifSport's turf quality, turf density and turf strength all help it recover quite rapidly from injury and stress. This is a bermudagrass that's ideal for athletic fields, golf course fairways, teeboxes, putting green fringes and practice areas, as well as commercial landscaping and home lawns. In addition to superior color, cold hardiness and disease resistance, it handles frequent, lower mowing heights exceedingly well.

TifSport Growers Association: 706-552-4525


FastGrass is a non-rubber infilled turf that has all the advantages of previous generations and performs even higher in wear and resistance tests. No rubber infill makes maintenance easier, and makes the turf up to 10 percent cooler. These systems can also be portable with added Velcro.

Sporturf: 800-798-1056

Peak Performance

Beynon Sports' BSS 1000 system is a full-pour polyurethane surface that allows athletes to perform at their highest level while training or in competition. This surface is durable enough to resist the roughest weather and the toughest competition and requires no advanced maintenance. Its bio-engineered force-reduction layer integrates very fine SBR rubber granules with environmentally friendly polyurethane to create an impermeable shock-absorbing cushion.

Beynon Sports: 888-240-3670

Home Turf

Gridiron continues the APT tradition with a high-performance infilled turf system designed to hold up to the rigors of football, soccer and any field sport. Every installation is custom-made for your environment. With unbeatable UV, heat and humidity stability; resilient stand-up and re-spring; unique fiber shape that resists splitting and combines abrasion resistance and softness, it's not just a field, it's your home turf.

Advanced Polymer Technology: 724-452-1330

All-Season Adhesive

You don't have to wait for "ideal" weather to install synthetic turf fields and other recreational surfaces with NORDOT® Adhesives. From sub-freezing to hot, desert-like temperatures and in damp, dry or windy conditions, installing with NORDOT Adhesives gets the job done faster and easier, with long-term durability afterward. Pictured is a cold-weather installation in a city park. NORDOT Adhesive is being applied with a squeegee before the turf is unrolled onto it.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Install a Field Anywhere

InstaField offers a new generation of artificial grass. Non-rubber infilled turf has all the advantages of previous generations and performs even higher in wear and resistance tests. The blend of nylon and polyethylene is an almost perfect 50/50 combination. Very popular for indoor soccer, training facilities and small athletic fields. Works best for indoor facilities over concrete, but can be installed outdoors on a compacted aggregate base.

Kiefer U.S.A.: 800-322-5448

Run for It

Abacus installs IAAF running tracks: PD, a structural spray, and AG, a flood and chip type system; Black Track, no coating. Each surface provides a durable, spike-resistant, resilient surface that lends the athlete an unsurpassed platform of consistent performance and safety. Why not blend this installation with cushioned tennis courts installed globally for more than 25 years approves as a Grandslam court and Olympic training tracks? Abacus' courts and outdoor running tracks are installed with the highest quality materials, ensuring performance and durability.

Abacus Sports Installations Ltd.: 800-821-4557