All Play Ball!

A-Turf® Miracle League Turf features a low fiber height and tight gauge with dense, high-performance turf throughout the infield and outfield, including home plate, bases and pitcher's mound. The unique surface allows players and mobility equipment outstanding maneuverability, while providing consistent ball bounce and roll. With permanently inlaid markings, there is never a need for line chalking and painting, and the all-synthetic turf virtually eliminates maintenance.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910

Pool Reference

"The Complete Swimming Pool Reference" has been a respected staple of many aquatic professionals for nearly a quarter century. The third edition brings to you new and up-to-date information on the Americans with Disabilities Act, risk management, water safety and much more.

Sagamore Publishing: 800-327-5557

Get the Message Out

Utilizing Code Blue's industry-leading outdoor public address solutions, including the 400-watt, 360-degree six-speaker array, you can provide powerful and intelligible notifications to your intended audience with ease. Integrated into signature Help Points®, your message will be broadcast over large environments in an effective and efficient manner.

Code Blue Corporation: 800-205-7186

No Mess

Avoid the mess of those pesky little tabs and unnecessary cleanup duty. PDC's Tytan Tabless® Tyvek® wristbands take the mess out of standard Tyvek® because the peel tab stays attached. Just peel and fold the adhesive liner back to apply. Available in 20 stock colors, you can custom-print your logo or message in up to three colors.

PDC: 800-255-1865

Access Granted

Action Play Systems wheelchair-accessible ramp systems are truly universal. Designed to mount independent of the playground borders, APS full and half ramps provide an ADA/wheelchair-accessible entrance to the playground while offering a clear point of entry and exit to the playground. Designed to work with APS-Border8" or APS-Border12", Action Play Systems ADA ramp systems offer a modular solution to providing ADA access to your playgrounds.

Action Play Systems: 855-752-9277

Listen In

A perfect value-added solution for group or individual exercise, especially for clubs without enclosed classrooms, the MYE Silent Group X Audio System allows members to listen to group or virtual classes on their Apple or Android smartphones. In addition to custom branding with company logo and graphics, the secure cloud-based MYE online marketing platform allows facilities to engage their membership with rewards programs, banner ads, discount coupons, class schedules and direct smartphone messages.

MYE Entertainment Inc.: 800-779-6759

Quality Surface

Sof'Gym Active Surfacing by Sof'Solutions Inc. is making commercial and home gyms safer, more sanitary and more durable. Sof'Gym Active Surfacing is a uniquely designed surface composed of overlapping-interlocking recycled thermoplastic mats made specifically for home and commercial gyms. The revolutionary thermoplastic is strong and flexible without that overpowering rubber smell common to most gyms. Sof'Gym is easy to install and can be installed directly over the top of any smooth, hard surface.

Sof'Solutions: 800-523-5690

Save Money, Improve Health

The Pentair BioShield™ CLP UV System offers swimming pool owners cost savings by reducing chemical usage and simultaneously improving both air and water quality of swimming pools. UV secondary disinfection systems offer aquatic facilities an alternative to many of the chemicals normally purchased to ensure clean, clear swimming pool water. UV light is healthier for swimmers, the environment and your facility's bottom line.

Pentair Commercial Aquatics: 800-831-7133