Save Water

The Verteco Waterless Urinal with Water Warrior patented technology is an eco-friendly solution that reduces water consumption to zero. It eliminates urinal odors, the need for harmful chemicals and reduces urinal blockages. Most notably, the Verteco Waterless Urinal dramatically reduces costs. The Verteco waterless urinal system saves in excess of 40,000 gallons of water per urinal per year. Water costs have risen by more than 80 percent since 2002, showing no signs of slowing.

Verteco LLC: 877-655-5523

Clear Cloudy Water

Rescue Klear addresses tough, cloudy pool water problems in aquatic facilities with high bather loads by blending a powerful enzyme and a natural clarifier to quickly and effectively clean up oils from bathers and vandalism, as well as dead algae. Rescue Klear battles the problem using enzymes to naturally degrade oils coupled with SeaKlear's proven, natural clarifying biopolymers. Clear water and allow filters to remove pollutants more efficiently.

SeaKlear Water Treatment Solutions: 866-995-5327

Portable Lift

Inter-Fab Inc. has added a portable version of its popular, ADA-compliant i-Lift pool lift. The Portable i-Lift is battery-powered and designed for use on in-ground pools and spas for all commercial and public pools—from large-scale aquatic facilities including waterfronts and marinas to schools and universities, fitness and recreational sports clubs and hotel/motel applications. The Portable i-Lift is rotationally and vertically powered with a small footprint that allows the lift to stay out of the Clear Deck Space Zone for Aquatic Lifts, required by ADA Guidelines.

Inter-Fab Inc.: 800-737-5386

Update Your Lanes

Competitor® has released a new lane line material with enhanced performance and durability. The new protective additive formula with cutting-edge polymer stabilization components and highly weatherable pigments, called LifeSpan+, delivers a superior product that will substantially increase the useful life of Competitor® discs in the harsh pool environment. The LifeSpan+ product was developed in collaboration with the University of Akron Institute of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering and A. Schulman, a leading supplier of high-performance plastic compounds and resins.

Competitor Swim: 800-888-7946

Fitness Finds

Perform Better's 2015 catalog is now available. This 100-page catalog includes the best name brands and the largest in-stock selection of functional training equipment in the industry. Filled with new, top-notch products for everyone who trains or rehabs clients, patients or athletes, this catalog is the perfect choice to meet everyone's Functional Training needs.

M-F Athletic: 800-556-7464

The Real Thing

The RealRyder Indoor Cycle is like no other stationary bike on the market. The articulating bike frame, exclusive to the RealRyder bike, allows riders to move across three essential planes of motion as they pedal. This dynamic movement better simulates the outdoor riding experience by incorporating balance, greater core engagement and total body coordination. Made to move and built to last, the RealRyder Indoor Cycle has evolved the traditional, one-dimensional (fixed) cycle into a multi-planar training experience.

Realryder: 800-976-6280