Simple Cover

The liquid pool cover for all shapes and sizes of indoor and outdoor pools is easy to use, expensive and effective. Heatsavr, the original liquid pool cover, reduces heat loss by lowering evaporation. It has been proven to save up to 40 percent of the energy required to heat a pool and up to 50 percent of water loss. In unheated pools, it will lower overnight heat loss by half. Using a pool cover has never been easier.

Flexible Solutions: 800-661-3560

Tank Time

Fiberglass tanks for pool filtration systems feature rugged construction for aggressive pool water: Surge/Balance—these bring together main drain and gutter water prior to the filter pump; Backwash Holding; Sprayground Collection; and Water Feature Collection. Pools with deteriorated metal tanks are often faced with limited access to the filter room. Mer-Made tanks can be supplied in multiple segments that can easily be carried through doorways, halls, etc., into the filter room, where they are bolted together. Vertical or horizontal configurations are offered.

Mer-Made Filter: 803-793-4265

Keep Score

Colorado Time Systems introduces a new line of aquatic scoreboards for swimming, diving and water polo, which feature integrated 2.4GHz wireless technology and 5-inch LED digits. These new scoreboards are about half the width of standard LED scoreboards, making them an ideal solution for tight spaces or as an auxiliary scoreboard within aquatic facilities. These scoreboards can be permanently mounted or placed on a caddy for portability.

Colorado Time Systems: 800-279-0111

Supplementary Disinfection

Used as a supplementary disinfection system, as recommended by the Model Aquatic Health Code guidelines, HydroRiteUVO3 delivers a powerful trio of disinfectants—utilizing UV, ozone and advanced oxidants, that work synergistically to inactivate more than 99.9 percent of harmful chlorine-resistant microorganisms. NSF Certified HydroRite UVO3 makes it easier and more affordable than ever to provide your facility the most advanced all-in-one UV and ozone system the industry has ever seen.

Hayward Commercial Pool Products: 800-657-2287

Validated UV

Aquionics' UV Swim I range of UV systems is third-party-validated to the 2006 US EPA UVDGM, the German DVGW and the NSF 50-2012, ensuring conformance to MAHC or whichever regulation is utilized in your state. Standard features include an auto-wiper, variable power ballasts and low- maintenance requirements. Each system comes with a five-year parts warranty and the backing of Aquionics' 30 years of industry experience and service support network.

Aquionics Inc.: 859-341-0710

Pool Renewal

RenoSys uses its PVC pool membrane and perimeter gutter systems to renovate and build new commercial pools. The membrane and gutters typically offer dramatic savings vs. conventional renovation and construction. The RenoSys PVC pool shell is custom-textured, nonabrasive and watertight. DuraTech, RenoSys' stainless steel gutters, is versatile and complements a membrane installation. A RenoSys project design is flexible and can save you significant resources.

RenoSys: 800-783-7005

Ease Maintenance

The Accu-Tab® chlorination system from Axiall Corp. simplifies aquatic facility maintenance for operators. The easy-to-use system is built on advanced engineering and proprietary tablet technology. All system models are listed NSF/ANSI 50 to stand up to the challenges of commercial pool environments, as well as rigorous industry, health code and performance requirements. To view Axiall's report on what local health inspectors find during pool inspections, visit

Accu-Tab® Chlorination Systems: 800-245-2974

Metal Remover

CuLator® Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer rapidly eliminates copper, manganese and iron from pool and spa water. CuLator is nontoxic, works in fresh and saltwater and does not interact with other pool chemicals. Place a pre-measured flow-through PowerPak 1.0 in the skimmer (or a 4.0 in the pump basket). As water passes over, metals stay trapped inside. After use, discard. CuLator does not add phosphates and works with all sequestrants.

Periodics Products: 877-900-1213