Water Sculpture

The Nest is ARC's newest sculptural water feature that combines water and art to create a modern splashpad for any park or urban setting. The oversized water bucket creates excitement as kids of all ages anticipate it. The "nest" disperses the water to create a large splash and large volumes of fun.

Aquatic Recreation Company: 877-632-0503

Automate Your Cleaning

Let Aqua Products' commercial robotic pool cleaners do the work. Maximize on labor efficiency and save on chemicals and electricity. Aqua Products has the largest selection of commercial robotic cleaners in the industry for hotel pools, motel pools, fitness centers, municipal pools, Olympic pools and theme parks. Ask the experts to do a free calculation of your specific savings. Inquire about demos, try-mes and trade-in programs.

Aqua Products: 800-221-1750

Chemistry Help

ProZymes Pool is a highly concentrated product that contains naturally based enzymes and a clarifier. This weekly maintenance product helps to reduce waterline ring, increase filter run cycles and provide superior water quality with less work. It saves time and money for the busy service professional.

Natural Chemistry: 800-753-1233

Sparkling Water

With the Pulsar® System chlorinator, water clarity, color and sparkle are easy to achieve and enjoy. The Pulsar® System reduces the hazards of chlorine gas release and liquid chlorine spill, protects plaster and equipment, and reduces chloramine odors. The Pulsar® feeder chlorinates, removes organics and metals, boosts hardness and shock-treats in one process.

Arch Chemicals Inc., a Lonza Company: 800-478-5727

Get Interactive

Empex Watertoys® created a new line of interactive water features—Aquatropica. The new features are leafy flora and zany fauna with tropical trees and flowers, caterpillars and butterflies, bugs and snails, monkeys and birds, all intended to provide an exciting and unique water playground for kids up to age 12.

Empex Watertoys: 866-833-8580

Simple Solution

The Vantage VPF-20 feeder is a simple and effective way to deliver Vantage Poly-A clarifier tablets. Vantage Poly-A is a powerful tablet clarifier that aids in the coagulation of inorganic and organic compounds that can create dull and cloudy water conditions. Use Poly-A tablets to remove small particles and other compounds to maintain clear water.

AllChem Performance Products: 352-333-7381

Superior Disinfection

Neptune Benson ETS UV Disinfection systems are superior water treatment solutions for a number of applications in the aquatics industry and beyond. ETS UV systems reduce "red eye" and skin irritations, enhance air quality by reducing chloramine odor, while improving water quality. Protect your swimmers with a system that is validated 99.9 percent effective against Crypto. ETS UV systems are validated to NSF 50 latest edition and USEPE UVDGM latest edition.

Neptune Benson: 877-885-4628

Trusted Supplier

A trusted source for more than 35 years, the 2015 Recreation Supply Company catalog offers a complete selection of products for your commercial swimming pool facility. Within its 152 full-color pages, you will find rescue equipment, fitness gear, pumps, filters, deck equipment, vacuums and much more. Most in-stock orders ship the same day. Call now for competitive prices, fast shipping and friendly customer service.

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072