Cab Fever

Curtis Industries announced its new cab system for the Yamaha Viking®. The Curtis cab features rugged, all-steel panels. The doors are powder-coated 16-gauge steel for structural strength. Large windows with dual sliders provide excellent ventilation, plus the Exclusive Curtis Quick-Release Latch allows you to completely remove the window panel in seconds without tools by simply turning four thumb screws. It's perfect for open-air driving. The doors have additional features including heavy-duty 7-gauge steel hinges to reduce door flex and sag.

Curtis Industries: 800-343-7676

Safer Soccer

Every soccer goal in the United States is at risk of tipping over and causing injuries or death. SafeSoccer Goals' patent-pending retrofit design easily attaches to the rear ground bar of any soccer goal on the market and completely eliminates the risk of accidental tip-overs. The rear roller ballast assembly offers easy and safe portability.

SafeSoccer Goals: 877-311-8399


Thirsty dogs (and people) are no match for Dog-ON-It-Parks' wide selection of all stainless steel fountains. With more than 15 water features to choose from, including pet fountains, pet wash stations, fire hydrants and more, there's no easier way to ensure your park users stay cool and hydrated. And now with easy online ordering and in-stock items on by Dog-ON-It-Parks, you can customize your perfect pet fountain today.

Dog-ON-It-Parks: 877-348-3647

Kill Germs

American Dryer's Cold Plasma Clean technology, used in its premier high-speed hand dryers, recently underwent rigorous testing that confirms its power in killing germs, including E. coli, Staph, C. diff, MRSA and Salmonella. American Dryer's eXtremeAir cPc® uses a generator that converts air into cold plasma through a bipolar ionization process. High levels of ionization are found in the fresh air breeze off the ocean or on top of a mountain. The generator in the dryer uses steady state positive and negative discharge points to split water molecules in the air into oppositely charged hydrogen and oxygen ions. These ions, in turn, clean the air without chemicals.

American Dryer: 800-485-7003

Just Add Wireless

AmpliVox Sound Systems announced that as of January 2015, most of its portable PA systems will be upgraded to include Bluetooth wireless connectivity at no additional charge. The addition of Bluetooth as a standard feature will allow users to stream music and other audio directly from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, computer or other device. Bluetooth-enhanced products will include AmpliVox's SW800 Titan Portable PA, SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner. The SW720 Wireless PA System will be available with standard Bluetooth later in 2015.

AmpliVox Sound Systems: 800-267-5486

Spray Through

SplashGolf, the first water-oriented miniature golf course, is announced by Adventure Golf Services. SplashGolf has nine mini golf holes with special water effects on each hole, all of which are mounted on a splashpad made from a patented panel system. The 4,000-square-foot, ADA-accessible, zero-depth splashpad is covered with colorful flexible seamless paving material, which can include any custom design or image, such as sea critters. The patented panels that create the splashpad base are unique. The design provides rapid drainage through the panel system directly into the reservoir pond below.

Adventure Golf Services: 888-725-4FUN (4386)