Get Cruisin'

Pedal Cruisers by Kay Park come in a variety of eye-catching colors. Heavy-duty commercial-grade fiberglass construction makes the perfect rental boat for your waterfront. Pedal Cruiser boats have 100 percent foam-filled pontoons, re-greasable bearings and are all self-draining. Virtually maintenance-free, these revenue-producers are a very popular attraction.

Kay Park Rec Corp.: 800-553-2476

Easier Access

The EZ Pool Lift by Aqua Creek offers manual lifting capabilities up to 400 pounds. Its affordable and compact design makes this lift ideal for multiple applications. The EZ Lift series is great for pools, spas, porches and boat docks. Purchase with wood deck anchor or surface mount. Quality stainless steel construction and UV resistant powder-coating ensure long life and corrosion resistance. Relocating your lift to storage or another area has never been easier.

Aqua Creek Products: 888-687-3552

Aquatic Tri-Cycling

Aqua-Cycle Water Trikes are the ideal choice for waterfront, marina, beachfront and waterpark locations. High profits, low maintenance and fun for all ages set these Aqua Cycles apart from the rest. Crowds are attracted by their five bright colors and innovative design, plus everyone knows how to ride a tricycle, so no special lessons are necessary. Made in the USA with a five-year warranty.

Aquatic Adventures: 800-970-2688

Low-Profile Docks

American Muscle Docks offers many low-profile dock solutions to fit a variety of applications. Low-profile docks are great for swim platforms, kayaks or any other non-powered boat. The lower profile of the docks allows for easier transition from the dock to the water, as well as adding a more stable feel to narrower-width dock sections. AMD offers low-profile docks built to specifications, or in kit form to save money by constructing yourself.

American Muscle Docks: 800-223-3444