A Little Extra Oomph

The new Lebert SRT (Spring Resistance Training) Barbell utilizes spring technology to enhance the effectiveness of regular barbell exercise for everyone from beginners to advanced exercisers. By pressing springs on either side of the two sliding hand grips, either inwards or outwards, users engage more muscles, adding challenge to every rep. The Lebert SRT Barbell comes with two five-pound weights and two sets of springs, one low-resistance and one high-resistance, which are identified by color.

Lebert Fitness: 905-812-0555

Get Targeted

The Abs Company has released a new product for 2015 called Target Abs, which is an abdominal training bench that incorporates the Touch Target Technology popularized by the Ab Solo. Target Abs is a fixed angle bench with multiple touch targets so that a user can perform an angled crunch with a specific target. Two targets are positioned on either side of the main target allowing for effective oblique training as well. The Abs Company makes innovative commercial-strength abdominal exercise equipment and assists health clubs in the design and layout of spaces dedicated exclusively to core training.

The Abs Company: 866-219-5335

Thoughtfully Designed

The Insignia Series includes 21 selectorized strength training products designed with form and function in mind to offer customizable options for facility owners. The line includes 15 frame color options, 30 upholstery choices and six shroud inlays, giving facilities the flexibility to differentiate and refresh their space. Low profile towers feel more spacious and increase social interaction for exercisers. The entire line includes user-friendly features like easy-to-adjust seats and ergonomic grips.

Life Fitness: 866-337-1646

More Than a Towel

Whether you are a personal trainer, a trainee or like to work out at the gym, the Sweet Fit towel is your customized and helpful companion, being so much more than an average towel. The towel features an elastic fabric that acts as a placeholder and also prevents your towel from slipping onto the dirty gym floor. To further provide hygiene care, the towels feature anti-microbial fibers that protect you from harmful gym germs. Additional features include a magnet for easy hanging of your towel in your locker or any other metallic gym equipment. Every function of the towel, albeit simple, is useful for everyone.

Sweet Fit: 847-975-3775

Smart Lifting

Combining cutting-edge ergonomic design with strong, durable construction, the SMARTBAR is like nothing the fitness industry has seen before. Rotating ends enable smoother movement, improving form and adding muscle isolation. Plate can be used as ergonomic hand weights. Patented "gator" design makes plate changes fast and seamless.

Les Mills: 844-563-7847

Ski On

The Concept2 SkiErg offers total body exercise using motions from the sport of Nordic skiing. Recognized as delivering one of the toughest workouts around, Nordic skiing develops both strength and endurance and exercises the legs, arms and core in an efficient, rhythmic motion. The SkiErg can be used for both double pole and classic alternating arm technique. The SkiErg uses the same mechanics and electronic monitoring systems as the Concept2 Indoor Rower. The Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) displays immediate, accurate feedback.

Concept2: 877-887-8014

Outside In

MyRunning Logbook is an innovative application from Technogym. It is a comprehensive application enabling users to replicate on the treadmill their favorite outdoor runs. The application is featured on Technogym's ARTIS and Excite+ running equipment with UNITY—an advanced Android 4 based console for cardio equipment. MyRunning Logbook is the newest component to Technogym's Wellness on the Go, a revolutionary strategy for healthy living communities.

Technogym USA: 800-804-0952