Synthetic Skate

Since 1985, Viking Ice® has been providing outstanding "ice-skating" experiences without the high cost of installation and maintenance associated with frozen ice rinks. Safe, fun skating is ensured with the best "glide" and overall skating enjoyment. Stabilized panels prevent uneven joints and warp. Users are numerous: public skating; schools; performing arts; U.S. military; hockey coaching facilities; special events; shopping malls and more.

Viking Ice: 800-698-6036

Flooring Solution

Dinoflex has manufactured high-quality recycled rubber flooring products for more than two decades. Specially engineered for superior durability, skate-blade resistance, shock absorption and sound reduction, the Sport Mat flooring line is the perfect choice for ice arenas. The unique block production method provides high-density tiles that are made flat and stay flat for simple installation. Each tile has color throughout in order to stand up to skates and daily impact with no visible surface wear.

Dinoflex: 877-713-1899

Outdoor Ice

NiceRink has spent the past 25-plus years tinkering and tweaking each component of its own outdoor rinks year after year to make the best system better and easier for everyone. These continual improvements have resulted in the "Big Four" NiceRink components: NiceRink Brackets; NiceRink Plastic Boards; NiceRink Liners; and the NiceIce Resurfacer. Simply put, NiceRink knows what it takes, and is ready to help you. With 20-by-40-feet to 40-by-70-feet to 85-by-200-feet and anywhere in between. A complete system, it works virtually anywhere.

NiceRink: 888-642-3746

All You Need

Athletica Sport Systems has everything you need for the most important arena in the world—your arena. The 2015 Arena Services catalog has everything needed to make a rink run smoothly, from replacement poly and glass to hardware and NHL-approved hockey goals. You'll find locker room benches, rink dividers (aluminum and foam pad style), stainless steel screws, gate latches, Jet Ice paint—Athletica has it all.

Athletica Sport Systems: 877-778-5911

Beyond the Surface

For the most demanding areas, Mondo Sport Impact is the premium weight and skate-resistant rubber flooring. The homogenous rubber wear layer is engineered to withstand heavy abuse from skate blades and strength equipment. The non-porous surface requires no coating or finishes and eliminates odors.

Kiefer USA: 800-322-5448

Cool Comfort

The challenge at the Novi Ice Arena in Novi, Mich., was how to keep spectators comfortable while maintaining the climate for ice sports. The solution is in "targeted air delivery" with Air-Row using its fans to capture warm air at the ceiling and re-directing it to areas off the ice. The result has been overall greater comfort for spectators without tampering with the temperature requirements necessary to maintain a satisfactory ice surface. Most important, the new targeted air delivery comes with energy savings.

Air-Row Fan Company: 317-691-7255