To Spin or Not to Spin?

Splashing a couple of these into any area will give it a fresh, updated and contemporary facelift, without depleting an entire budget. These whimsical umbrellas come with the option of a spinning or stationary top. The unique structures are an excellent accent piece to any park, aquatic facility or seating area, with just one upright providing up to 16 feet of shade. Available in a variety of colors and fabrics.

Shade Creations by Waterloo: 800-537-1193

Wash Up

Bradley has launched its Express® ELX-Series Lavatory System—a contemporary alternative to china sinks and laminate countertops designed for commercial restrooms. Its single-bowl, multi-user design is easy to install and maintain, while offering contoured styling and personal hand-washing space. Made of Bradley's Terreon® Solid Surface material, the Express ELX-Series Lavatory offers superior durability and is easy to repair. In addition, its contemporary contoured design elevates the look of commercial restrooms while being easy to clean.

Bradley Corp.: 800-272-3539

Lock It Up

FJM Security Products announced an addition to the Combi-Cam E-Series electronic cabinet locks—the horizontal Combi-Cam electronic cabinet lock with master/manager code, one-time use functionality and up to a 10-year battery life. The horizontal Combi-Cam E-Series electronic cabinet lock gives customers a locking option for applications that lack height, such as mailboxes and desk drawers. The left-hand horizontal model gives users quick access to a wide range of cabinets, locks and mailboxes.

FJM Security Products: 800-654-1786

Find Your Way

Das Trail Markers are permanently applied to concrete or asphalt with das Adhesive. Durable and fade-resistant, they can be used on paved trails and paths as an alternative to conventional signage. The markers are an unobtrusive yet highly visible method of placing information and features directly on trails. Custom markers are available in just about any size, shape or color. Numbering, distances, emergency numbers with locations and QR codes can be imprinted.

Das Manufacturing Inc.: 800-549-6024

Portable Padlock

Available for purchase later this year, the electronic Rolling Code portable padlock offers the utmost in increased security and convenience. Digital codes eliminate key distribution, paper control charts and spreadsheets, and automatic code generation offers a seamless transition between clients that can be managed from a facility's computer. The padlock also boasts high security as it is constructed with a hardened boron shackle and includes an anti-shim deadlocking mechanism.

Master Lock Company LLC: 800-464-2088

Heavy Duty

Jacobsen announced the launch of the all-new Jacobsen Truckster XD heavy-duty utility vehicle. Serving as a replacement for the venerable Cushman® Turf-Truckster®, the new Jacobsen Truckster XD sets new standards for capacity, power, strength and comfort. For starters, the new Truckster XD boasts a massive, class-leading 3,550-pound standard payload capacity, supported by the toughest bed in the industry. Jacobsen's new utility vehicle also leads under the hood, with the gas model providing 32.5 HP and 51.6-ft.-lbs. of torque and the diesel 24.8 HP and 52.7 ft.-lbs. of torque.

Jacobsen: 704-504-6600