Compaction Solution

Beacon Athletics has reinvented the tamp. The SweetSpot Tamp System combines innovations such as interchangeable tamp heads, articulation of the tamp head and a damping system that alleviates vibration to the operator's body while ensuring a direct hit that delivers every bit of compaction power to the soil surface.

Beacon Athletics: 800-747-5985

Perfect Cut

The A Model PrecisionCut Fairway Mowers were designed with customers in mind, including operator productivity, serviceability and innovations that meet best-in-class standards. In addition to the key systems on every A model, the 7500A, 7700A, 8700A PrecisionCut mowers offer an improved operator station and tire geometry engineered for enhanced after-cut appearance. The rear tires are shifted outward so they match the inside pattern of the front tires, making an evenly rolled pass every time and enhancing after-cut appearance.

John Deere: 800-537-8233

A True Classic

Dixie Chopper's Classic zero-turn is the ultimate mowing machine with the perfect combination of commercial quality with industrial features. Equipped with Kawasaki, Kohler EFI and Vanguard engine options, the Classic is the pure power machine you need to get through tough jobs with ease. Offered in 50-, 60- and 72-inch deck widths, the Classic's Elite X Deck is the staple piece to Dixie Chopper's reputation of cleanly cutting all types of grass.

Dixie Chopper: 765-246-7737

Screen and Clean

Cherrington introduces the new tractor-towable screener, model 440XL for seedbed preparation. Load and screen the topsoil of all objects larger than the selected screen hole size. Screens out the rocks and roots for a one-step seedbed prep. No need for second passes—the entire surface is screened clean for a perfect seedbed the first time. Remove existing turf for re-seeding or sodding. Great for renovations or new seedbed preparation and horse arena screening.

Cherrington Enterprises: 800-966-1588

Go Mow!

The Honda HRC Commercial Series offers two models: the self-propelled, hydrostatic drive HRC216HXA and push-type HRC216PDA. Both offer the best combination of features and durability for the professional landscaper. The legendary performance of the HRC Series is enhanced by offering Honda's exclusive MicroCut® twin-blade mulching technology. Twin blades produce finer clippings for mulching, and finer clippings means less bagging. Hydrostatic Cruise Control transmission is designed for increased durability and higher top speed (HXA model).

Honda: 678-339-2600

All Dressed Up

The versatile Turf Tiger Topdresser will spread any material, wet or dry, with speed and accuracy. Saber Tooth beater never clogs and easily handles "clumpy" material or wet sand. The uniform 8-foot wide pattern means fewer trips across the turf, adjustable from light to the heaviest of coverage. Turf Tiger will apply topdressing, compost infield mix and other bulk material. Model 3200 (as shown) has a 3,750-pound/2.3-cubic-yard capacity. Other models are also available.

Millcreek Manufacturing: 800-311-1323

Push It

The Pro-Tech Turf Pusher is the first containment plow designed for clearing snow from turf sports fields. It smoothly glides over turf and field covers with minimal disruption to crumb rubber and can stack snow, resulting in less piles and more surface area cleared. The Turf Pusher allows customers to provide year-round access to their sports fields and minimizes disruption to scheduled sporting events. Multiple connection types are available.

Pro-Tech: 888-787-4766

The Finest Fields

Kromer manufactures a complete line of athletic field maintenance equipment to make your fields look and play great. Kromer builds superior equipment that will assist groundskeepers to efficiently and effectively maintain natural or synthetic turf fields. You can customize a Field Commander® machine for your needs and budget with more than 50 different options. Kromer's machines can do it all with less time, effort and money. One Machine – One Operator Does It All.

Kromer Co. LLC: 800-373-0337