Be Safe

Red Cross Aquatic Examiner Service (AES) is a third-party auditing service that can help you ensure that your lifeguards are prepared for an emergency. The AES program starts with a Red Cross examiner conducting a facility tour to understand your safety and lifeguarding operations. You'll then receive a comprehensive, objective evaluation based on American Red Cross Lifeguarding program standards—100 years of science-driven, evidence-based course content and education design. Included are recommendations and resources needed to help you achieve and maintain the recommended facility improvements.
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American Red Cross: 800-733-2767

Make Some Noise

The Bigfoot Line array is the newest and most powerful battery-powered portable sound system on the market. With 130 dB of clear sound combined with a rated power output of 400 watts, the Bigfoot is perfect for a day's worth of outdoor use—day camps, sports, special events and recreation centers. With built-in Bluetooth, up to four wireless microphones, an optional CD/MP3 player and two wired mics, the Bigfoot is the perfect sound system for any recreation event.
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Anchor Audio: 800-262-4671

Disc Golf for All

DGA is the leading manufacturer of disc golf course equipment for the sport of disc golf and the company that founded the sport more than 30 years ago. DGA offers the player-preferred targets, has the best service and works with the most complete network of course designers and consultants available. Over the past three decades, DGA has established itself worldwide as the industry standard for disc golf equipment.
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Disc Golf Association DGA Inc.: 831-722-6037

Stop By, Say Hi!

If you're attending the NRPA Annual Conference, we hope you'll come and find the Recreation Management team at booth No. 1950. We'll have more copies of this issue, as well as past issues. Need another copy of the State of the Industry Report to share? Want some extra reading material? Got a story idea? Come by and let us know! You can also sign up for a free subscription, so send your coworkers and colleagues, too! We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!
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