Gate Keepers

Romtec offers gatehouses in all sizes that are completely customizable to meet the needs of your facility. Romtec gatehouses can be one-room-configured for a single attendance, or larger multi-use buildings that include storage and even concession space. Roof extensions are also available to provide cover for motorists at the contact window. Gatehouses are the latest example of Romtec buildings that are affordable, easy to construct and tailored to the customer's needs.

Romtec Inc.: 541-496-3541

Start Bouldering

Bouldering, or climbing on artificial or natural rocks at low heights, is North America's newest and fastest-growing activity among young people. RockCraft has been building climbing boulders for more than a decade and is at the forefront of the playground boulder industry with structures that are safe, and accessible for all age groups and abilities. RockCraft boulders can be found in community parks and playgrounds across the continent. There are 10 models available.

Rockcraft: 866-786-1635

Cover Up

Bel-Aqua Pool Supply Inc. offers a complete line of winter covers for swimming pools. From traditional tie-down covers to safety covers, Bel-Aqua stocks the most popular sizes and has an efficient system for supplying custom-made covers to its customers. Brands include Loop Loc, Merlin, GLI and Latham, with everything from solid and mesh covers to above-ground winter covers. Bel-Aqua also offers consulting to determine the best cover for each application.

Bel-Aqua Pool Supply Inc.: 914-235-2200

Clean Splashing

The EL LITE UV product is specifically designed for smaller recreational aquatic facilities, and is also ideal for use with splashpads and wading pools. This low-pressure UV system offers an affordable solution for eradication of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, harmful contaminants and chlorine byproducts on splashpads and wading pools, and is particularly effective on indoor pools including low flow-rate pools found at recreational aquatic fitness clubs and community pools and spas.

DeltaUV: 866-889-8765

Outfit Your Locker Room

First Service specializes in locker room furnishings for clubs, YMCAs, high schools, colleges, and park and recreation departments nationwide. With more than 35 years of industry experience, First Service offers top quality, competitive pricing and superior customer service. Count on First Service for the best in lockers, toilet partitions, locker room seating, baby changing stations, fitness scales, water draining flooring, swimsuit extractors and more.

First Service: 800-227-1742

Color Coded

Spectrum Sports International offers RGB LED Handhold Grips and 4-by-4-foot Modular Panels. RGB LED Handholds can be installed on new climbing walls or retrofit to existing walls. Set a specific color per route or choose from 10 preset programs. Upgrading to LED handholds can increase interest in your climbing wall and help you stay on top of trends. LED Handholds can be combined with 4-by-4-foot Modular Panels for a durable and attractive climbing wall solution.

Spectrum Sports International: 888-563-0163