Safe & Accessible

Robertson Recreational Surfaces, manufacturer of Tot Turf, offers a wide variety of surfacing for playground and recreational areas that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements. Robertson Recreational Surfaces provides surfacing solutions through innovation in industry-compliant products and services, customer education and superior service.

Robertson Recreational Surfaces: 800-858-0519

Recycled for Safe Play

Manufactured in the USA from recycled rubber, PlayGuard Safety Surfacing is designed to reduce the risk of serious injury associated with falls from playground equipment. Any design inspiration or playful color scheme can be implemented with PlayGuard's custom color and logo capabilities. PlayGuard features easy installation and maintenance and offers the industry's only 15-year warranty.

PlayGuard Safety Surfacing by Ecore: 800-851-4746

Grass for Play

RecGrass is a durable synthetic grass and is a very low-maintenance and reasonably priced safety surface for play areas. RecGrass is third-party certified and meets ADA, ASTM, CPSC and CSA requirements for playground surfaces. Choose from a durable, low-pile RecGrass or a softer, high-pile RecGrass. No puddles or messy infill materials on this grass because the RecBase underneath provides excellent drainage and fall protection. This grass cleans easily and will look good for years.

Zeager Bros. Inc.: 800-346-8524

Safe Choices

Since 1993, Surface America has completed thousands of projects throughout the United States and installed millions of square feet of surfacing. Featuring the most complete line of recycled rubber playground surfacing. Offering shock-absorbing poured-in-place surfacing with virtually endless design possibilities, synthetic turf rolls with world-class toughness and factory-produced tiles with an ultra-durable top wear layer. Surface America can assist in design and planning, manage the construction process and provide surfacing installation.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Safe & Durable

Introducing Aveer, the playground surfacing system that is setting new standards in design, aesthetics and safety performance. Aveer is constructed with 100 percent virgin rubber compounds and vulcanized to create the ultimate in durability and quality assurance. Aveer is engineered with built-in air pockets on the underside of the system, providing the highest safety ratings of any unitary system. Total quality assurance includes a 10-year, maintenance-free warranty covering durability and long-term compliance with AS F1292.

Rubbercycle: 888-436-6846

Time for Fun

The 5,100-square-foot playground at Highland Road Park in Baton Rouge, La., features No Fault's Bonded Rubber Mulch (poured-in-place surface). This playground safety surface is designed with proven, high-quality materials to provide long-term performance, durability and consistent shock absorption. No Fault Bonded Rubber Mulch is a great alternative to wood mulch. It is 100 percent shredded and blended with a premium binder (glue) to provide a seamless and porous surface that has exceptional drainage and practically no maintenance.

No Fault Sport Group: 866-637-7678

One Product, Many Solutions

DuraSAFE features HIC ratings under 700, free on-site testing and a 10-year warranty, even in high-traffic areas, with no annual maintenance requirements to maintain coverage. SofSurfaces Inc. has been engineering playground surfacing for more than 20 years, and when it comes to solving your challenges, DuraSAFE delivers. Safer, tougher, better. Bringing safety to your children and industry-leading solutions to your playgrounds.

Sof Surfaces Inc.: 800-263-2363

Smart Surface

GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch is an environmentally friendly playground safety surface that provides superior head impact protection in playgrounds. Rubber mulch is recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, making GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch the smart choice for your playground. Contact for a free guide on how GroundSmart® Rubber Mulch creates a safe surface that can reduce injuries on your playground.

LTR Products: 800-961-0909