Keep Cool

Whether it's the repetitive grind of practice or the last drive to win the game, athletes feel the heat—in more ways than one. It's no secret that synthetic turf fields can be hot. Now, with the development of the HydroChill cooling system, athletes can focus on the task, not the temperature. HydroChill cools synthetic turf surfaces by working on the same principle as sweating. As the turf surface is heated by solar radiation, moisture stored in the HydroChill turf is released. Evaporating moister removes heat, leaving a cooler, more comfortable surface for the players.

Shaw Sports Turf: 866-703-4004

Infield Excellence

Everything you need to maintain and improve your infields is supplied by Beam Clay®, makers of infield mixes, mound and batter's box clays and red warning tracks for every state and climate from regional plants nationwide. Beam Clay® also supplies hundreds of other sports surfaces and related products, from bases to windscreen, and has supplied products to every MLB team, most minor league and college teams, and thousands of towns and schools from all 50 states and worldwide.

Beam Clay: 800-247-2326

Tough Turf

A-Turf's synthetic turf systems are now even more durable since adding the industry's strongest turf binds obtainable. Working with turf partner Controlled Products, A-Turf systems feature Silverback, the most advanced technology in the coating industry. It penetrates the yarn system vs. just covering the back stitches. This dramatically increases tuft bind strength, resulting in fibers that stay locked in place under heavy and hard use.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910

Beyond the Surface

Kiefer USA is providing and installing Mondo Artificial Turf to the Rockford Park District. This 2015 Mondoturf install will include five fields total and be used for recreational purposes, such as soccer tournaments, lacrosse, flag football, baseball and much more. This will be the largest artificial turf install in the state of Illinois.

Kiefer USA: 800-322-5448

Peak Performance

Advanced Polymer Technology is a global manufacturer of world-class synthetic turf, recreational and protective coating systems. These high-performance surfaces have been featured in Olympic stadiums, national sports stadiums, and colleges and universities around the globe. APT understands that no two sports facilities are alike. APT offers a wide variety of products and systems to meet your needs—Rekortan and Spurtan track systems, Laykold tennis systems, and LigaTurf, Poligras and Gridiron turf systems.

Advanced Polymer Technology: 888-266-4221

Cover Up

Covermaster sold this revolutionary MacLeod field protection system to the NFL Tennessee Titans. Ideal for rain, snow or extreme cold, this lightweight, inflatable, waterproof field cover will create a complete dome over the playing surface. A fan-driven, natural gas burner circulates warm air under the cover to keep the ground from freezing. If desired, the cover can also be used flat. Transparent, the cover allows light to pass through to help maintain the integrity of natural turf.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808