Choose Your Surface

Making an Educated Decision on Playground Surfacing is a white paper detailing all of the prominent types of playground surfacing, complete with descriptions, advantages, limitations and pricing information. This free resource is designed to inform and assist purchasers in determining what type of surfacing is right for their particular application and circumstance.

SofSurfaces Inc.: 800-263-2363

Trusted Aquatic Source

A trusted source for more than 35 years, the Recreation Supply Company catalog features dozens of new products and offers most any items you might need for your commercial swimming pool facility. Within its 152 full-color pages, you will find pool chemicals, testing supplies, paint, lifts, pumps, filters, pool vacuums, competition equipment and much more. Recreation Supply's Free Shipping program makes shopping easy.

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072

Pool Perfection

Experience in both supplying equipment and building commercial pools sets WMS apart from the competition. Faithful customers testify to friendly, trusted and knowledgeable staff grown from serving more than 50 years, providing superior products with competitive prices. Family-owned, WMS Aquatics is a reliable company that looks after your interests.

WMS Aquatics: 800-426-9460

Playful Shade

Create a fun and playful environment with Shade Creations Pinwheel Hex Umbrellas and High Low Hex Umbrellas. Combining kinetics and function, these unique shade structures are an excellent accent piece to any park, aquatic facility or seating area. With just one upright, they provide up to 16 feet of shade, making it simple to protect an area with little obstruction. Options include a variety of fabrics and colors, and also a rotational or stationary top section.

Waterloo: 800-537-1193

On the Course

The DGA® Disc Golf Course Development Guide introduces and familiarizes you to the sport of disc golf. This guide will help facilitate installing a disc golf course by familiarizing the reader to the benefits of play and options for the game. DGA is the leading manufacturer of disc golf course equipment with the hard-earned reputation for providing the finest quality course equipment and for providing great personal service.

Disc Golf Association / DGA: 831-722-6037

Bright Ideas

Superior Recreational Products will help you find inspiration for your facility with its Parks and Recreational Inspiration brochure. Its extensive collection of outdoor playgrounds, shade, shelter and site amenities can help your park play a critical role in maintaining community and healthy living. Superior Recreational Products is committed to cultivating communities, enriching lives and allowing people to focus on what matters most. Together, you can create spaces where friendships are made and memories are created.

Superior Recreational Products: 800-327-8774

Find What You Need

This online catalog features a wide selection of quality commercial-grade replacement parts and accessories. is your single source for swings, slides, climbing holds and related hardware for your playground-related maintenance and expansion needs. The custom tube slide department can design, produce and install slides to your specific requirements for indoor or outdoor settings. Expert consultants, easy online site navigation and fast shipping. 800-985-7659

Beat RWIs

HydroRite UVO3 from Hayward Commercial Pool sets a new standard in water quality, utilizing UV, ozone and advanced oxidants to drastically reduce the threat of deadly recreational water illnesses. Used as a secondary disinfectant system as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control's Model Aquatic Health Code guidelines, HydroRite delivers a powerful trio of disinfectants that work synergistically to inactivate more than 99.9 percent of harmful chlorine-resistant microorganisms.

Hayward Commercial Pool Products: 800-657-2287