Reduce Noise

Shok-lok is the newest line of products from Humane Manufacturing. It combines strong and durable ľ-inch mats with a special molding process to create an incredible barrier to noise and vibrations. You can cover an entire weight room with 2x2 tiles to protect an upper-level fitness center, or just use a single equipment mat for an individual piece. Shok-lok is an incredible solution for commercial facilities that need an extra level of protection.

Humane Manufacturing: 800-369-6263


Achieve is the world's most innovative sports flooring system. Utilizing a patented fusion process, which fuses the top layer to the hyper-aggressive PLAETech Foundation, creating a single layer product. PLAETech Foundation is specifically engineered for the best athletes in the world. Tuned for maximum shock absorption and explosive energy return, this product can withstand anything you throw at it or drop on it, supplying you and your athletes with confidence and support, day in and day out.

PLAE: 404-645-7900

Inside Out

Did you know that the premier No Fault Safety Surface can be used for indoor as well as outdoor playgrounds? Venture Church in Hattiesburg, Miss., wanted a durable rubber surface that would provide added safety for its indoor play area. No Fault Sport Group provided and installed poured-in-place rubber surface that is resilient, durable and provides cushion-like comfort.

No Fault Sport Group LLC: 866-637-7678

Meet the Standard

MFMA's PUR Standards focus on shock absorption, vertical deflection, area of deflection, ball bounce and surface friction. These standards are designed to ensure customers receive a well-performing sports surface. No one knows more about how a floor should be installed and perform than the MFMA members. MFMA's goal is to balance technical standards with practical flooring systems designed to create uniform standards of performance for competition sports floors.

MFMA: 888-480-9138


Compass Flooring System® is the first floor system that assembles in all directions, cutting installation time by more than 50 percent. This permanent floor is completely transportable and features a recently patented Posi-Force® locking system. It is available in multiple configurations, including a basic subfloor system, and a version that can be pre-fitted with a solid hardwood or rollout vinyl surface. The fully sprung adaptable shock layer allows custom fabrication for aerobics, basketball, sport and athletic activities.

Aeson Flooring Systems: 800-523-0960

Safe & Durable

CoverSports has expanded the GymGuard® gym floor cover product line to include GymGuard Plus. GymGuard Plus has a unique raised pattern that provides enhanced slip resistance and costs no more than standard GymGuard. GymGuard Plus offers an advanced level of safety and durability for ultimate gym floor protection. GymGuard Plus is available in 32-ounce and 27-ounce weights, and Gray and Tan colors. An added piece to the system is the Standard Runner (for heavily trafficked areas), which can be imprinted with any logo utilizing the trademarked TuffPrint process.

CoverSports: 800-445-6680

Performance Enhancing

Surface America flooring, found in gyms and fieldhouses across the country, features durable and resilient top layers with shock- and sound-absorbing underlayments that enhance performance and reduce fatigue. Systems include poured urethane, engineered hardwood and engineered vinyl. Fitness & Exercise flooring provides exceptional footing, can hold up to extreme pounding and heavy use, is not affected by moisture, and keeps its vibrant look and shock-absorbing characteristics for an unusually long period of time.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Beyond the Surface

Segregate your areas of play with the best surface for each application. At the Illinois Wesleyan Shirk Center, Kiefer used a variety of its Mondo products, including Mondo Advance, Mondo Sportflex M and Mondotrack SX. Mondo's track and field surfaces are engineered for comfort and performance to accommodate training as well as competition.

Kiefer USA: 800-322-5448