Screen Time

Cherrington introduces the optional powered roller for its seedbed preparation Rock & Root Screeners. The counter-rotating roller tills, grades and prepares the soil for immediate screening to remove rocks, stones and roots. Load and screen the topsoil of all objects larger than the selected screen hole size. No need for second passes—the entire surface is screened clean for a perfect seedbed the first time.

Cherrington Enterprises: 800-966-1588

Aeration Solution

STEC Equipment introduces the newly redesigned Artificial Aerator from GKB Machines. The GKB Artificial Aerator decompacts and aerates rubber or sand infill, regenerating the playing surface's technical characteristics. This gentle lifting action increases safety while improving cushioning and water drainage on artificial turf.

STEC Equipment: 888-325-2532

Super Spread

Earth & Turf LLC introduces its new MultiSpread Model 320, a 1-cubic-yard topdresser with exclusive, wide-spread beater for lawn maintenance professionals, schools, universities, golf courses and athletic fields. Spreads topdressing materials, infield mix, calcined clay and grass clippings. Two-wheel ground drive or available hydraulic drive with 26 x 12.00-12 turf tires ensures easy pulling by 20-hp tractors.

Earth & Turf Products LLC: 888-693-2638

Fit to Trim

The Shindaiwa T242 combines a dependable, proven two-stroke engine and a Speed-Feed® head for effortless all-day trimming. The T242 features classic Shindaiwa technology and includes comfortable and ergonomically correct grips, premium air filtration and full-wrap tank stand. It also features a 17-inch cutting swatch and a high-torque gear box.

Shindaiwa: 877-9TORQUE

Add Some Nutrients

DURATION CR® controlled-release fertilizer is an enhanced efficiency fertilizer designed to gradually and efficiently release nutrients. The durable polymer coating delivers consistent release of nutrients for 45, 90, 120 and 180 days depending on temperature and coating thickness. This means nitrogen is available to the turfgrass when it is needed. Consistent feeding also aids in turfgrass health by minimizing growth flushes and fast/famine cycles that can cause stress.

Koch Turf & Ornamental: 866-863-5550

Topdresser for Tight Budgets

Millcreek Manufacturing introduces the Turf Tiger, a high-performance, versatile topdresser and spreading machine designed for facilities with limited budgets. The durable 7,500-pound capacity unit applies a wide variety of topdressing, infield mix and bulk materials, such as compost, wet or dry, with unprecedented speed for use on sports fields, parks and recreation areas, and golf courses.

Millcreek Manufacturing: 800-311-1323