Big Fun, Safe Fun

Keep them coming back to the pool with the Vortex slide. Standing close to 11 feet, with a corkscrew-shaped flume and high-volume water delivery system, it's designed for big-time pool fun. It meets 48 unique performance tests to ensure it's compliant to the CPSC slide safety standards. Made from sturdy, rotomolded material for strength and durability, it is designed to generate both fun and revenue for years to come.

S.R. Smith LLC: 800-824-4387

Powerful Cleaning

The Duramax RC features powerful vacuum suction with dual scrubbing brushes and ultra-fine filtration. The RC is factory-programmed to automatically vacuum and scrub your commercial pool, saving valuable labor hours. The Duramax RC features a dual-direction remote control for spot-cleaning and wall and waterline scrubbing options. Includes 1-hour cleaning cycle delay and full digital display with 1-7 hours or Continuous Run cycles.

Aqua Products: 800-221-1750

Cost-Effective Renovation

RenoSys offers the most cost-effective way to renovate leaking, cracked and deteriorated commercial swimming pools and decks using a thick reinforced 60 mil PVC membrane system that connects to a PVC or stainless steel gutter. This integrated system makes the pool look like new, with watertight low maintenance and durability. Complete the renovation with RecDeck PVC flooring for a slip-resistant durable deck. In-house design assistance and manufacturing ensures worry-free installations.

RenoSys: 800-783-7005

Multiple Sizes

Properly sized secondary sanitation systems are key to ensure proper disinfection dosing in aquatic facilities. Delta UV's popular EM Medium Pressure Commercial UV water treatment system comes in eight different sizes to accommodate flow rates from 100 GPM to 4,000 GPM. Destroys organic matter and eliminates dangerous chlorine byproducts (chloramines) that lead to red, stinging eyes, skin irritations, asthma and allergies. Reduces chemical usage while providing continuous disinfection to eradicate waterborne pathogens.

DeltaUV: 866-889-8765

Revitalize your Pool

Revitalize and increase visitor numbers with Wibit's interlocking combinations and transform your swimming pool into a water adventure for all ages. All combinations are designed to fit standard pool sizes, with special combinations for small facilities and budgets. Or, create your own aquatic adventure and games by building your own combination and choosing from more than 40 individual interlocking modules and standalone inflatables. German designed and engineered, Wibit products meet the highest safety standards worldwide.

Recreonics: 800-428-3254

Cool Your Pool

Why isn't there more attention paid toward pool water temperature in the summertime? Living Waters Aeration understands that there is a need for cooler swimming pool water. Let Living Waters Aeration help you make the most of your swimming season and make hot pool water and boredom a thing of the past.

Living Waters Aeration: 919-803-8925

Measure It

Blue-White's engineers have redesigned the F-300 Series flowmeters, for 1.5-inch and 2-inch pipe sizes, enhancing both features and accuracy. The dimensions remain the same, making retrofit of old meters easy. Pipe length requirements have been reduced by 50 percent, making them more suited to installation in cramped equipment rooms. Accuracy has improved to +/- 5 percent with an elimination of float "bounce." Float is now red PVDF and can function with New F-300S flow switch accessory.

Blue-White Industries: 714-893-8529

Power It Clean

The battery-powered Pool Blaster Pro 900 gives users the ability to quickly vacuum debris as large as golf balls and filters small debris with its included micro filter bags. Each of the two rechargeable batteries provided lasts up to one hour of run time, and features push-button on-off switch. The self-contained cleaner can be attached to a standard pool pole or can be maneuvered using the integrated handle. Lightweight, maneuverable and fully independent of main pool filter.

Water Tech corp.: 800-298-8800