Keep Your Heat

Heatsavr™ is the liquid pool cover for all shapes and sizes of indoor or outdoor pools. Easy to use, inexpensive and effective. Heatsavr™, the original liquid pool cover, reduces heat loss by lowering evaporation. It has been proven to save up to 40 percent of energy required to heat a pool and up to 50 percent of water loss. In unheated pools, it will lower overnight heat loss by half. Using a pool cover has never been easier.

Flexible Solutions: 800-661-3560

Put Up a Shield

SeaKlear Solar Shield® forms an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the pool water surface, reducing water, heat and chemical evaporation—providing aquatic facilities with an easy way to reduce operating costs and waste. Stop messing with awkward plastic floating covers. Solar Shield® is longer-lasting than other products on the market with one dose lasting up to 30 days (dependent on bather loads)—making it an ideal, safer, easier solution for aquatic facilities..

SeaKlear Water Treatment Solutions: 866-99-KLEAR

Start New or Renovate

Natare provides the world's most efficient, technologically advanced and cost-effective pools, spas and equipment. Natare also provides the perfect solutions to renovate or construct a pool facility, from stainless steel gutters with exclusive GPM grating, to PVC lining systems. When it's time to design, construct or renovate a pool, spa or aquatic facility, talk to Natare.

Natare corporation: 800-336-8828


Aquatic Access helps people into water using the power of water, for safe, reliable, low-maintenance and low-cost operation. No electricity, batteries, charging or complex electronics. Aquatic Access offers lifts that meet ADA standards for pools and spas; other standard models requiring assistance, and custom designs for docks, boats and other recreation attractions.

Aquatic Access: 800-325-LIFT

An Aquatic Mission

Counsilman-Hunsaker's mission is to create aquatic experiences that can transform people and communities. Internationally recognized projects include world-class competition facilities, public aquatics, educational, health and wellness facilities, and innovative hospitality pools. It is Counsilman-Hunsaker's belief that to create truly transformative aquatic experiences, you must be passionately dedicated to excellence from start to finish. The company creates holistic partnerships with clients by imagining, designing and engineering not only their physical structures, but also crafting and facilitating day-to-day operations. (Photo Courtesy of Ken Jones.)

Counsilman-Hunsaker: 314-894-1245

Adjustable Lift

The Pro Pool Lift now comes standard with an adjustable-height seat pole. This new feature now allows you to adjust the seat from 18 inches up to 23 inches, making lateral transfers from wheelchairs of various heights easier. The Pro Pool Lift is the first aquatic lift to be verified by an independent third party as ADA-compliant and safe for commercial use. With its sleek design, this lift is ideal for facilities with limited deck space

Aqua Creek Products: 888-687-3552

Supply Your Facility

A trusted source for more than 35 years, the 2016 Recreation Supply Company catalog offers a complete selection of products for your commercial swimming pool facility. Within its 152 full-color pages you will find rescue equipment, fitness gear, pumps, filters, deck equipment, vacuums and much more. Most in-stock orders ship the same day. Call for competitive prices, fast shipping and friendly customer service.

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072

Get Fit

Colorado Time Systems introduces WaterFit, the newest trend in aquatic fitness. The underwater bikes, trampolines and treadmills use water as a natural form of resistance for an effective, low-impact workout that is perfect for rehabilitation patients or water enthusiasts in general.

Colorado Time Systems: 800-279-0111