On an Incline

Get ready to climb to new heights with TRUE's new Alpine Runner. The TRUE Alpine Runner is the ultimate machine in incline training, allowing users to range between -3 percent and 30 percent with the touch of a button and a much softer deck for lower impact on the joints. Combine this intense workout experience with the quality and features that TRUE is known for, and you have the ultimate incline training experience available on the market.

True Fitness Technology Inc.: 800-426-6570

In the Swim

The Vasa Swim Erg works like a rowing machine for swimming. It provides realistic air resistance to develop swim-specific power, endurance and injury rehabilitation. The power meter displays useful feedback for swim coaches, swimmers, triathletes, surfers, rehab and fitness. Great for clubs without a pool—users do swimming workouts without getting wet. Commercial-grade, premium-quality, lightweight and portable. Demonstration videos and instruction handbook included.

Vasa Inc.: 802-872-7101

The Fit Outdoors

Provide a world-class outdoor fitness experience to park users. Greenfields has packages for every space and budget, and now provides shade options for maximum all-day comfort. With so many options to choose from—the adjustable Professional Series, the patented Accessible Line and the ever-popular Core Line—your gym will have something for virtually everyone.

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness: 888-315-9037

Roll Around

Perform Better's new Glute Bridge Roller slides easily on every surface. The unique foot holder keeps your heels stable when using hamstring curls and bridging. You can also put your toe in and perform knee tucks, pike-ups and more. The raised handles allow you to do upper-body rollouts and core work while the center plate can be used for standing lunges and squats. It's a great total-body piece of equipment.

M-F Athletic/Perform Better: 800-556-7464

Row, Row, Row

For more than 25 years, WaterRower has combined stylish design, handcrafted workmanship, a unique WaterFlywheel resistance and ethically sourced materials to create the world's first rowing simulator. An American Fitness Brand, WaterRower's vast assortment of rowing machines, all of which are manufactured in Rhode Island, can be found within expansive health clubs, luxury hotels and boutique fitness studios around the world.

WaterRower: 800-852-2210

Have a Ball

FitBALL introduces its new 9-Inch BODY Ball to its product line. The 9-Inch BODY Ball is great for resistance and focused work in Pilates, yoga and barre exercises; can be used as a soft prop underneath the body for physical therapy and chiropractic work; and is great for schools to use in their fitness programs. Features a soft textured surface for better gripping. Thicker rubber material is strong and puncture-resistant for use in class situations.

Ball Dynamics International LLC: 800-752-2255

Adjustable Tools

All Pro Exercise Products is a market leader in premium quality weight adjustable products for fitness, health and wellness. Specially designed for safety and comfort, All Pro is the official supplier of aquatic fitness and wellness products for USA Synchro and the U.S. Synchronized Swim Team, as they strive for Olympic gold this summer in Rio. All Pro's aquatic ankle weights are perfect for competitive swim teams and senior aquatic programs.

All Pro Exercise Products: 908-281-7100

Aerobic Playground

It's a Step, it's a balance trainer, it's a multifaceted Group-X machine, it's the soul mate of resistance bands, it's more than 250 exercises (and counting). It is the shape of things to come. Getting in shape is just as much about staying engaged and excited as anything else. The Terra Core is a virtual aerobic playground, building strength, balance agility, like nothing you have ever used. It is designed to fit the body's natural shape and provides you enough real estate to accommodate any modality you can dream of.

Vicore Fitness: 801-878-7702