In Control

Hayward Commercial Pool Products announced two new advanced controllers for the commercial pool market. The new Hayward CAT 3500® automated controller and CAT 5500® wireless, communicating controller are equipped with the most state-of-the-art components and monitoring capabilities tailored specifically for salt chlorine applications. These products were developed for commercial pool servicers, operators and managers seeking simple yet powerful wireless controllers with pH, ORP, conductivity, backup sanitization and Internet-based monitoring capabilities.

Hayward Commercial Pool Products: 800-657-2287

Get It Done

John Deere introduced the Gator™ XUV590i and XUV590i S4 Crossover Utility Vehicles, designed for landscape contractors who desire performance, comfort and customization. Equipped with a powerful twin-cylinder engine, independent four-wheel suspension and availability of more than 75 attachments, the XUV590i provides an unparalleled balance of performance and work capability in the mid-size class.

John Deere: 800-537-8233

Protect the Deck

RenoSys now offers RecDeck™ PVC Flooring to encapsulate, make slip-resistant and waterproof any deck area. Constructed of thick reinforced PVC membrane, RecDeck™ can be used in any recreational area where slip resistance, watertight integrity and long-term ease of maintenance are required. RecDeck™ is the ideal solution for common deck problems, including cracking, flaking, delamination, spalling and peeling. RecDeck™ offers an aggressive, slip-resistant texture and a superior anti-fungal formulation, making it ideal for pool decks, spraygrounds or locker rooms.

RenoSys: 800-783-7005

Tougher Turf

Profile® Field & Fairway™ turf conditioner is ideal for construction and maintenance of sports fields. Field & Fairway is easily applied as a topdressing before or after rain or heavy traffic events. The uniform particles provide a balance of air and water pore space to increase drainage and prevent muddy conditions. Field & Fairway's nutrient-holding capability aids turf recovery.

Profile Products LLC: 800-207-6457

Pretty & Private

Scranton Products has launched new Eclipse Partitions, which combine clean, ultra-modern aesthetics with enhanced privacy. This is achieved through a sleek "no-sight" profile, in an extensive selection of colors and textures designed to blend beautifully with any contemporary bathroom décor. The Eclipse no-sight partitions are available in 55-inch, 62-inch and 72-inch extra high door and panel designs that are angled to offer the utmost in privacy. Other innovations include a contemporary headrail, and hidden bracket and concealed hinge structure.

Scranton Products: 800-445-5148

Fitter Flooring

Choose Gerflor's unique GTI Max Décor modular tile for your fitness and exercise space. At 6 millimeters thick, GTI can withstand the pounding of fitness applications, all while maintaining its fantastic looks, and since GTI is a modular interlocking tile installation, repair is a breeze. You can also take advantage of lower maintenance costs since GTI never requires waxing or stripping, and its vinyl construction offers anti-bacterial performance to keep your space clean and safe.

Gerflor: 877-437-3567

Anchors Away

S.R. Smith has just launched a new series of commercial-grade, 316 stainless steel pool deck equipment anchors that will help extend the life of pool deck equipment. Marine-grade stainless steel provides high corrosion resistance from harsh weather and pool environments. In addition, stainless steel rail goods will benefit from affixing to stainless steel anchors, as similar metals are more compatible with each other. Dissimilar metals tend to experience galvanic corrosion, which can cause discoloration.

S.R. Smith: 800-824-4387