Play + Workout

Citizens of the LaBelle community in Hendy County, Fla., enjoy their morning fitness workout while supervising the area children as they play on adjacent swings and play structures. This multi-generation recreation site promotes an active and healthy lifestyle as well as offering fresh air, physical fitness and social activity for the community residents. Let Play & Park Structures show you how to create an outdoor fitness park for your community.

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Think Outside the Gym

ActionFit by UltraSite encourages healthy, active outdoor exercise while addressing the four critical elements of fitness: aerobic, muscle strength, balance/flexibility, and core. ActionFit emulates equipment found in gyms but is built to last outdoors. Since it's outside, people can work out when it fits their schedule, plus get the proven benefits of outdoor exercise. With outdoor-specific durability, 20 equipment choices and easy preconfigured kits, ActionFit can help your community be more active.

ActionFit by UltraSite: 800-458-5872

Total-Body Workout

Outdoor-Fit's Helios 7 station and Apollo 12 station multigyms provide the highest level of tamperproof durability with the same biomechanics found in top-quality indoor equipment. The unique bodyweight assist feature makes it easy for all ages and fitness levels to get a total-body workout. Outdoor-Fit's tamper-proof multigyms are tough enough for correctional facilities and are ideal for parks, fitness trails, campgrounds or any facility where safety and durability is a prime concern.

Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems: 877-760-6337

Get Up & Move

Sports parks aren't just for athletes anymore. An outdoor gym from Greenfields lets those who would otherwise be spectators enjoy some exercise while friends and family members attend practice. The Greenfields Sports Park Package includes 19 units (including three accessible stations) to work the upper body, lower body and core, in addition to providing opportunities for cardio and stretching. Shade and lighting promote user comfort regardless of the weather or time of day.

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness: 888-315-9037

Fitness Transformation

Paris Site Furnishings & Outdoor Fitness helps transform your walking trails, corporate centers or any outdoor community spaces in revolutionary free fitness centers with more than 35 of the highest quality outdoor fitness machines. Each machine is designed to contribute to a complete workout for your community. Transform your space with durable and high-performance outdoor fitness equipment.

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Eco-Friendly Fitness

TimberForm® outdoor fitness equipment is offered with 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic timbers. The recycled timbers are extruded, not molded, of high-density recycled polyethylene (HDPE). Apparatus may be arranged in two formats. Fitness Routes feature individual exercise stations with durable porcelain enamel instructional signs for placement along a trail or path. Groupings of exercise apparatus called Fitness Clusters also are offered for compact installations within a single area.

Columbia Cascade Company: 800-547-1940

Fitness With Support

Based on training experts and customer insights, Kompan has developed a new fitness training concept offering innovative training equipment, but also the support by an app that ensures simple instruction, training programs, challenges and nutritional advice. This solution offers the possibility to connect with other people in the local community, as well as sign up with local trainers to participate in onsite training. Leading to healthier people and stronger communities.

KOMPAN Playground Solutions: 800-426-9788