Accessible Site Elements

Most people focus on the picnic table when equipping a wheelchair-accessible recreation site. But there are other site amenities that should be included in the design: a trash receptacle, a charcoal grill and a utility/prep table. Pilot Rock provides all of these site elements. The ULT Series utility/prep tables are popular because of their simple, open design that provides access to everyone on all sides. The all-steel design makes them durable in public installations.
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R.J. Thomas: 800-762-5002

Smooth Sailing

The Multi-Level Framed ‘Sail' canopies are perfect for shading swimming pools as shown, or any outdoor activity that needs protection from the sun's dangerous UV rays. Features the one-point stainless steel attachment brackets with all stainless steel hardware and cables for maximum durability and easy removal in the vent of hurricane or for the winter season. Protected by 20-year metal and 10-year fabric warranties. Choose from a wide array of colors.
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Shade Systems Inc.: 800-609-6066

Climb & Splash

Designed by Spectrum Aquatic Engineers, the Kersplash ® pool climbing wall is made of a sturdy, single-piece commercial-grade frame. Its unique design exceeds multi-piece construction in wind-loading, ease of installation and aesthetic appeal. The wall is built with 304 L stainless steel that is electropolished, passicated and coated with Spectra-Shield to provide triple corrosion resistance. High-impact grade, double UV protected polycarbonate panels can safely be anchored at 4-foot intervals. Kersplash design has doubled the anchoring in height dimension for improved climbing feel.
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Spectrum Aquatics: 800-791-8056

Eliminate Dog Pollution

SMART Litter Pick Up Bags™ are the most effective, dependable and economical tool used to help eliminate dog pollution. Thick enough to withstand the rigors of shipping, warehouse storage, exposure to various environmental elements, and to get the pickup job complete, yet not too big or thick that they add unnecessary costs or material to the waste stream.
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Dogipot: 800-364-7681

Gathering Place

Bring your community together with a Poligon structure. Make your site the hub of entertainment and the go-to place for hosting public events. Get a return on investment through concerts, special shows and fundraisers for your park. Add signage to your structure, created with a high-performing laser, to identify sponsors and enhance site recognition. With Poligon's site-specific design, engineering and production process, you can create the perfect destination suited to draw crowds and attention to your park.
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Poligon: 616-399-1963

Spray & Play

Aquatic Recreation Company (ARC) specializes in fun, interactive, versatile and safe spray features for splash play areas and pool projects. ARC Upward Spray Rings create an interactive experience for children of all ages by plugging nozzles to manipulate the spray effects, causing other jets to go higher. This feature encourages imagination, creativity, education and team play. The more kids, the more fun!
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Aquatic Recreation Company: 877-632-0503

Splash & Putt

Introducing SplashGolf™, water mini golf on a splash pad, taking the game itself and the players into an interactive water environment. SplashGolf fills the age-old need to balance passive and active water attractions that most age groups, from young children to seniors, can enjoy. It is a new activity that can divert/shrink long queue lines at other attractions and can be either a revenue producer or amenity and can be used either wet or dry.
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Adventure Golf Services: 888-725-4FUN

Climb & Turn

Love to climb? Love to turn? Global Motion™ brings it all together. This patent-pending freestanding rotating climber packs in plenty of fun—climbing, turning, running, gathering and socializing. Kids of all abilities will appreciate this energetic ride. You'll appreciate its built-in progressive resistance mechanism, proprietary technology that ensures Global Motion maintains a reasonable maximum speed. So you can focus on the fun. Bring a whole realm of activity to your playground.
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Landscape Structures: 888-438-6574