A Proper Coating

MyTCoat's high-end Advantage Coating is the most durable high-quality coating on any outdoor furniture, with a seven-year warranty and pricing that is competitive with much lower-quality products. When pricing is the main purchasing factor, no need to go anywhere else. MyTCoat's Industry Standard line can give you the high-quality product that matches specification of current product with pricing that cannot be beat.
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MyTCoat: 855-637-9616

Get Comfortable

The Air ‘Lounge is a modern collection of inflatable furniture that mixes comfort with high-end design. The design guarantees a fast setup in only 3 minutes. The furniture's neoprene covers allow high-resolution printing to ensure the most vibrant designs. The material is the strongest in the market so the furniture is ideal for any terrain. It comes in three different sizes, including a single chair, a sofa and an ottoman.
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Waterloo Tent & Tarp: 800-537-1193


Expression Swing™ is GameTime's innovative swing that promotes attunement as adults and children swing together. The patented face-to-face design features a toddler swing seat for children 24 to 47 months old and a comfortable adult swing seat that allows a parent and child (or grandparent and grandchild) to interact with each other and experience one another's facial expressions and heartfelt feelings while at play.
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GameTime: 800-235-2440

Dog Spray

The Top Spray Hydrant comes as a set of two hydrants: one that sprays a mist up to about 4 feet high and a separate hydrant that activates the spray function (there's a 20-foot line connecting the two). Compared to the cost of a splash pad or other dog park water features, this is a much more affordable option as well as something that's very water efficient.
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Dog-On-It Parks: 877-348-3647

Light It Up

Eaton's Ephesus All Field Series, available in 750- and 550-watt models, provides high schools, colleges and municipalities with a high-quality, cost-effective and controllable outdoor LED sports lighting solution. All Field's low weight and low Effective Projected Area (EPA) make it the first LED fixture designed to easily retrofit into existing infrastructure. The enhanced optics efficiently deliver uniform light on the field to significantly reduce unwanted light spill and sky glow.
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Ephesus Lighting: 800-573-3600

Build It Right

Whether you are renovating your old or building a new aquatic complex like the 50-meter pool shown here, RenoSys is your go-to source for the highest quality pool renovation and construction systems and services. RenoSys offers the 60-mil PVC Pool Shell, slip-resistant RecDeck decking, PVC and stainless pool gutters, filters, safety pads, eight styles of pool grating and more.
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RenoSys: 800-783-7005


Various length steel arches, interconnected at different angles, are the foundation of a modular system allowing for artful playground solutions regardless of the space or budget. The twisted geometry elevates the renowned play value of a well-designed net climber. High-end connectors ensure hassle-free operation and longevity. E.g., the patent-pending Charlotte Connector makes the rope end disappear inside the curved steel arch. Besides its aesthetic appeal, the ingenious system prevents finger entrapments and enables net tension adjustment.
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Berliner: 877-837-3676

On the Curve

This custom 32-foot Atlanta Model features a standing seam roof and ringed oculus. Nested adjacent to it is a curved, cantilevered 11-foot, 8-inch by 79-inch Trellis Model. The structures were designed by Greg Cudworth, a landscape architect from the City of the West Valley and installed by Sonntag Recreation. For more than 25 years, Classic Recreation has served the needs of landscape architects, city planners and park designers with high-quality steel structures.
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Classic Recreation Systems Inc.: 800-697-2195