Play On

Superior Recreational Products introduces its latest wheelchair-accessible dramatic play vehicle. Complete with Mission Control and an air pump for oxygen supply, the Moon Rover will be an exciting addition to any park play area. This ground-level dramatic play vehicle features a large open back for wheelchair accessibility and two steering wheels to encourage dramatic play. Additionally, the Moon Rover features an attached shade for UV protection.
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Superior Recreational Products: 800-327-8774

Get Creative

Waterplay Solutions is featuring Creative Collections at the 2016 NRPA Annual Conference, with a special showcase of the Surf Spray Collection. Perfect for any community space or aquatic facility, Creative Collections offer unique product and color groupings that tell an imaginative story for waterplayers of all ages. In the Surf Spray Collection, beach-inspired features transform an everyday play space into an exciting seaside escape.
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Waterplay Solutions Corp.: 800-590-5552

Inspired by Nature

Have you fallen into the post-and-platform rut? Revolutionize your playground with a towering central structure inspired by nature. Branch Out™ functions as both an aesthetic focal point and strong, integrated link to traditional components. Its scale and open layout promote multidirectional play flow and provide maximum play value. Staying true to its roots, this structure can be "branched out" in a variety of ways—making it perfect for playgrounds that plan to grow.
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Playworld: 800-233-8404

Fun & Function

Water Odyssey's ColorCast™ design line introduces fun new ways to spray and play. Designed for all ages, ColorCast features offer an interactive and educational experience through color mixing, textures and multiple spray effects.
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Water Odyssey, a PlayCore Company: 512-392-1155

Reduce Costs

Pentair's Acu Drive™ XS Variable Frequency Drive and its new BioShield CVP Vertical UV disinfection sterilizer dramatically reduce operating costs at aquatic facilities. The Acu Drive™ reduces pool pump energy consumption by up to 60 percent. The BioShield™ CVP Vertical UV Disinfection Sterilizer reduces chemical usage while improving pool air and water quality.
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Pentair Commercial Aquatics: 800-831-7133

Safe Landings

DuraSAFE rubber playground tiles are the safest rubber tiles in the world, enabling you to build safety from the ground up. Independent drop testing proves that duraSAFE rubber playground tiles are top performers at protecting our future generations. With more than 70 percent of all playground injuries coming from falls to the surface, duraSAFE protects your investment and the children who play on it. For nearly three decades, SofSurfaces has pioneered the standard for safety, durability and ease of maintenance.
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SofSurfaces: 800-263-2363

Classic Stylet

New product for 2016! Bench 490 is a classic styled bench. Featuring DuMor's new cast aluminum end frames, detailed with ornament typically seen in classical architecture and decoration. This bench is available in wood and recycled plastic, with or without center armrests and in various colors. See Bench 490 at NRPA.
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DuMor: 800-598-4018

Transform the Water

If you have an existing water source, such as a lake or pond, in your park, you can transform it and find new ways to generate revenues by adding a playground on the water. Adding a Wibit Sports Park to your water will generate new interest and bring people to the park to serve as a new source of revenue, allowing you to expand your offerings at all your facilities.
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Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442