Thirst Quencher

Willoughby Outdoor Bottle Filler and Water Fountain is the perfect solution for college campuses, parks or anywhere where filtered water could quench a thirst. Willoughby's quick-fill outdoor water fountain and bottle filler provides convenience and helps to reduce the waste from plastic water bottles. Crafted from fully welded Type 304 stainless steel that's resistant to rust, sunlight, heat and vandalism. Available in uncoated stainless steel or 10 striking powder coat colors.
BOOTH #2610

Willoughby Industries: 800-428-4065

Concrete Lineup

Stop by CXT's booth at the NRPA Conference and pick up information on the complete line of Restroom, Shower, Concession and Storage buildings. CXT's all-concrete construction is designed to withstand hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and damage from vandalism. With more than 16,000 buildings sold nationwide, CXT is a leader in prefabricated buildings. CXT will send a CD with detailed specifications, AutoCAD drawings and pictures of features and options for each building. CXT will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision on your next restroom purchase.
BOOTH #1029

CXT Concrete Buildings: 800-696-5766

Boost Wellness

Give your community the chance to promote wellness and fight obesity for free with this fantastic amenity. The premier addition to any park or greenspace, Greenfields' Professional Series units bring a unique element to the outdoor gym. With eight levels of resistance, Greenfields' 15 adjustable units provide a challenging workout for users at varying levels of fitness.
BOOTH #1728

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness: 888-315-9037

Launch Safely

Connect-A-Dock launch system provides a safe and convenient way to access your kayak or canoe. Attaches to the 1000 Series low-profile dock system and provides a floating platform that adjusts to changing water levels. The unit is convenient to use for people of all skill levels, slip-resistant surface and accessible from all sides. It can be expanded to accommodate all size kayaks and canoes. It allows for dry launch and retrieval.
BOOTH #2040

Connect-A-Dock: 877-742-3071

Cover It Up

Lincoln Aquatics offers both pool covers and storage reel systems. Purchasing one of these systems is the most cost-effective decision for your aquatic facility. The use of an Insulating Floating Pool Cover will reduce water evaporation, chemical loss and energy costs. Pool covers are custom and fitted to your pool dimensions. Stainless Steel Storage Reels are designed for easy removal and storage of your insulating pool covers.
BOOTH #1828

Lincoln Aquatics: 800-223-5450

Right Place, Right Time

When you need to get bleacher seating in the right place at the right time, consider the Speedy Bleacher system. The Speedy Bleacher system by Kay Park Recreation is highway-towable, push-button-operated and folds with hydraulics. The unit's simplistic design allows you to move it around town for parades, viewing stands and sporting events where seating other than normal, fixed seating is needed.
BOOTH #2228

Kay Park: 800-553-2476

Sparkling Waters

Vantage listened to the needs of pool operators and facility managers in creating products designed specifically for commercial aquatic facilities. Vantage ACF Feeders utilize a proven calcium hypochlorite technology for simple and reliable sanitizer control. Also featuring Vantage Poly-A Tablets, a powerful tablet clarifier to improve filtration, remove organic and inorganic compounds and make your water sparkle.
BOOTH #2336

AllChem Performance Products: 352-378-9696

Secure Cycle

No matter how bikes evolve in the next thousands years, the Orion™ Bike Rack will park them safely and securely. The Orion™ offers bikes two distinct contact points, at the front and rear, for secure locking. Each Orion™ parks two bikes.
BOOTH #320

Madrax: 800-448-7931