Floating Challenge

Turn your waterfront into a revenue generator with an awe-inspiring obstacle course with the Wibit Sports Park 65. Adding a playground on the water will generate new interest and bring people to the park to serve as a new source of revenue, allowing you to expand your offerings at all your facilities. With endless paths, there's never a dull moment. Generate excitement, attendance and revenue for your facility by getting your Sports Park 65 today.

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Level Up

Walltopia's Ninja Course takes training facilities one step further to challenge participants physically and engage their spirit for competition. The tailor-made obstacle coursed help improve strength, endurance, coordination, agility and balance. Targeting mainly teenager and young adults, they are a fun activity that allows participants to get their daily dose of workout, compete and unwind in a safe environment. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Walltopia Ninja Course can be combined with trampolines, climbing walls, training areas or adventure facilities.

Walltopia: 412-849-8560

Take the Challenge

GameTime recently celebrated the opening of its newest Challenge Course and Fitness Park in Indianapolis. The course includes a 5,000-square-foot timed obstacle course and 40-yard dash for children, adults and families. The course is designed to work with the GameTime Challenge Course App for iOS and Android. The app allows participants to compete with one another and with users around the world. Adjacent to the course is a dedicated fitness area for adults featuring GTfit fitness equipment.

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Boost Your Climbing Wall

Want to upgrade your climbing wall? Increase your customer numbers and decrease your staffing budget at the same time. Create new climbing programs with in-house competitions and offer climbing birthday parties. Speed Climbing is an Olympic sport for 2020. Be a speed climbing training center with Perfect Descent. Want to try it before you buy it? Try a free 30-day demo.

Perfect Descent: 828-264-0751

Fun Falling

A QUICKjump free fall is the perfect way to descend from a platform at the end of a challenge course or end a climbing route. QUICKjump gives a rider a thrilling free fall before its patented braking technology catches them and lowers them to the ground. They're simple to install, with high throughput that provides a fast ROI. Mounting heights range from 14.75 to 75 feet, and jumper weights range from 35 to 285 pounds.

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Climb & Splash

The market leader in aquatic climbing walls, AquaClimb provides you with personal service from concept through installation. AquaClimb specializes in aquatic walls only, and can provide unparalleled expertise, service and support every step of the way. AquaClimb climbing walls can be configured to meet your pool design, budget and programming needs. Add aquatic climbing to your indoor/outdoor pool or lake next season.

AquaClimb: 800-956-6692

Everybody Climbs

Introducing climbing for everyone. Clip ‘n Climb offers a unique and approachable success to the sport of climbing. Climbing Challenges are created with multiple difficulty levels and build agility, balance and coordination. Fun and exciting for any age. Learn more about offering the next Olympic sport of climbing into your facility or park.

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