In Control

Blu-Sentinel™ controllers are a new line of advanced chemical controllers designed for commercial recreational water applications. The Blu-Sentinel controller is designed for measurement and control functions, as well as process control, in pool water treatment applications. The controller incorporates features such as shock chlorination, economic mode operation and the CEDOX control algorithm. The controller supports all chemical feed applications commonly found in pool water treatment, such as dosing pumps or relay control feeders, chlorine gas feed control and more.

Neptune-Benson: 800-832-8002

Take a Seat

The new Lucid backless bench offers users comfort while displaying a prominent logo or branding message. Designed for outdoor use, this durable new bench withstands the elements to provide years of service. Unlike painted-on logos or decals, messaging on the Lucid series benches are laser cut so they won't fade, peel or chip.

Paris Site Furnishings: 800-387-6318

Go Functional

Escape Fitness, in partnership with FunXtion, is launching the FunXtion Interactive Platform—a cloud-based multi-device solution that makes functional training safe, effective, accessible, motivational and fun inside and outside of the club environment for exercisers of all skill levels. Making use of technology, intelligence and gamification, the FunXtion Interactive Platform provides users with a functional training experience that motivates them to push beyond their boundaries. It includes a touchscreen FunXtion Interactive Station that syncs with an app and works with a website and wristband.

Escape Fitness: 614-706-4462

Pest Control

JPF Bird Scare Company furnishes inexpensive and safe bird or animal scaring equipment and repellant sprays that work to golf courses, ballfields or anyone who has dirty, filthy, unwanted birds or animals that think your space is their dining room. Available in proven neighbor-friendly or more aggressive sounds, along with effective repellant grass spray, rid your area of unwanted birds, pests and animals for good.

JPF Bird Scare Company: 800-582-8843

Clean Easy

The Pentair Commercial Pro Vac II Commercial pool cleaner uses the Eco Select® Brand, an environmentally composite weight system for optimizing cleaning of commercial swimming pools. Superior suction chamber concentrates vacuum velocity for fast, thorough cleaning. Ultra-smooth ball bearing wheels allow for effortless movement while the vac head's flexible body hugs pool contours. Convertible wheel system locks for straight cleaning patterns or pivots 360 degrees for additional coverage.

Pentair Commercial Aquatics: 800-831-7133

Control Your Water

ControlOMatic now offers its popular Pool Warden controllers as a single or dual pool water chemistry chemical controller with the ability to measure pH, ORP, temperature and flow in addition to offering its T22 version for those that need to comply with California Title 22. The single pool model includes three output relays and the dual pool model includes six output relays. The unit is easily set up for various types of chemical control, including salt systems, Cal-Hypo suction side, acid, base, heaters and more.

ControlOMatic: 530-205-4520