Canine Playtime

All of KirbyBuilt's recycled plastic products offer a 50-year guarantee for long-lasting performance. Tested and approved by dog experts, the Canine Castle is a first-of-its-kind playset for dogs. Manufactured from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, the indoor/outdoor Canine Castle is weather-, rot-, splinter- and fade-resistant, and it features an open pergola roof made from 100 percent recycled plastic. Call or visit the website to request a free catalog.

KirbyBuilt: 866-887-6022

Light It Up

Natural dog park product leader Gyms For Dogs™ introduces Solar Park Light, providing easy off-the-grid security lighting through renewable energy. It offers a slender design that can be ordered as a complete unit with a pole or attached to existing transit pole. Push-button activated for optimal lighting performance. Using solar power and LEDs, the unit is fully self-contained and offers benefits over grid-based lights.

Gyms for Dogs: 800-931-1562

Complete Your Dog Park

DOGIPARK® products can make your dog park an instant favorite hangout spot for pet parents. Sturdy and incredibly durable, DOGIPARK® products are made from pet-safe materials of the highest quality, perfect for dogs of all sizes and levels of agility to play on. Dog owners are sure to enjoy the addition of a bench, leash post and additional trash receptacles, all available from the DOGIPARK® line of products.

Dogipot: 800-364-7681

Go Natural

The popular NatureDog line offers affordable and unique play opportunities with the versatility of portable options for seasonal parks or special events, or permanent installations. With stump jumps, tree tunnels, boulders and a split log balance beam, the walking surfaces are highly textured for slip resistance in all weather conditions. Handcrafted (ask about custom pieces), the NatureDog line is a fun way to complement the natural environment while offering durability for the busiest of dog parks.

Dog-On-It-Parks: 877-348-3647

Go Wild

Pack your hiking gear and take off to a more natural dog park experience. Whether it's crawling through logs or jumping from boulders, the new Nature Bark series from BarkPark is sure to bring out those wild instincts. Made from high-quality GFRC, these products are built to withstand the elements and the roughest of canines.

BarkPark by UltraSite: 800-458-5872

Clean Canines

There has been a notable rise in pet-friendly parks and recreation facilities. It comes as no surprise, then, that pet-specific parks are now a trending topic in many urban recreation discussions. The All Paws Pet Wash Pet Park located in downtown Belvidere, Ill., is an excellent example. Outfitted with two ADA-compliant self-service All Paws Pet Wash pet washes, this once vacant lot turned pet park is acting as a great community and morale booster.

All Paws Pet Wash: 800-537-8231

Cover Your Costs

Save dog park budget money with custom-printed advertising dog waste bags. Local sponsors cover the cost. The dog park gets free bags. The sponsors get dog owner-targeted advertising. Veterinarians, pet stores, dog walkers, poop cleanup companies, banks, realtors—the sponsor possibilities are endless. Bio-Buddy Dog Waste Solutions offers a quality product, made in the USA from recycled plastic. The process is easy. You provide the design, or Bio-Buddy can help put a design together for you.

Bio-Buddy Dog Waste Solutions: 800-694-0017

Handle Waste Easily

Pet Waste Eliminator has been supplying parks with a wide selection of high-quality Pet Waste Systems that include pet waste stations, dog waste bag dispenser boxes, trash cans and dog waste bags made of recycled material at the lowest prices around. The stations are so good they offer a lifetime guarantee on every one of them. Not only that, but Pet Waste Eliminator makes sure you are getting the best value with its lowest price guarantee.

Pet Waste Eliminator: 800-790-8896