Swim On

Diamond Spas has a solution to aquatic exercise: the stainless steel Swim Spa. Fabricated from stainless steel and a Riverflow Current System, which can be programmed to your training needs. Custom-designed to spec.

Diamond Spas: 800-951-7727

Watching the Water

CHEMTROL® manufactures automated chemical controllers that are microprocessor-based programmable controllers for control of water chemistry (ORP, PPM and pH), water balance (conductivity and Langelier Index), heater, water level, flow and automatic filter backwash. They feature true duplex monitoring via wireless webserver and a five-year electronics warranty.

Chemtrol: 800-621-2279

Slide On In

Waterslides are a great addition to pools and aquatic facilities with goals to increase attendance and keep guests on site longer. Vortex Aquatic Structures now offers a complete line of standard and custom waterslide configurations designed for all ages and rider levels. With slide solutions available for both indoor and outdoor applications, for new construction, or to refurbish an existing structure, Vortex can accommodate your specific site conditions and capacity requirements. Choose from open, enclosed or combined designs, or whimsical themed kiddy slides.

Vortex Aquatic Structures: 877-586-7839

On the Deck

AquaJogger introduces the latest addition to its product line. The Aquajogger instructor mat is a large, 48-by-72-inch, ľ-inch thick mat for maximum shock absorption for instructors teaching on deck. The Aquamat is made of closed cell nitrile rubber that resists mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Non-allergenic and latex/silicone-free. Easy to clean with ammonia, bleach or chlorine. The mat also has a beveled edge to guard against tripping.

AquaJogger: 800-922-9544

Manage the Air

PoolPak LLC, a leading manufacturer of indoor swimming pool environmental control systems, announced the latest addition to the PoolPak product line, the PoolPak Integrated Pool System (IPS) Series. Available now, the IPS Series integrates the size and dimensions of legacy systems with the latest design innovations and product technologies. The IPS Series is constructed with features and designs that will drive the indoor pool environmental industry for years to come.

PoolPak LLC: 800-959-7725

Durable Cleaning

The Duramax RC features powerful vacuum suction with dual scrubbing brushes and ultra-fine filtration. The RC is factory-programmed to automatically vacuum and scrub your commercial pool—saving valuable labor hours. The Duramax RC features a dual-direction remote control for spot-cleaning and wall and waterline scrubbing options. Includes 1-hour cleaning cycle delay and full digital display with 1-7 hours or continuous run cycles.

Aqua Products Inc.: 800-221-1750

Save Lives

With more than 300 pool installations worldwide and 60 in the United States, the Poseidon system saves lives and reduces drownings by constantly monitoring the pool to identify a potential drowning victim. This advanced level of technology adds a layer of protection and support for lifeguards. Poseidon ensures the highest level of safety for your patrons while elevating the aquatic experience.

Poseidon technologies Inc.: 404-735-0920

Grate Source

Recreation Supply Company is your premier source for Duragrid I-style and T-style Fiberglass Gutter Grating. They stock and custom-cut a variety of Parallel and Perpendicular grating ranging from 4 inches to 14 inches wide in 5-, 10- and 20-foot lengths. Duragrid grating is 400 times stronger than PVC grating and more resistant to staining, fading and general wear. If you are considering grating replacement, call the experts at Recreation Supply for more information.

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072