Back to Nature

Now there is an accessible trail surface that looks like it belongs in nature. WoodCarpet Bonded is a unitary wood fiber surface for trails like the one pictured here from the Hallett Nature Sanctuary in New York's Central Park. It looks natural because it is natural, and it makes an excellent choice for trails in parks and campgrounds. Avoid runoff and washout with this firm, stable and pervious surface. WoodCarpet Bonded is a natural way to connect with nature.

Zeager Bros. Inc.: 800-346-8524

Tough Enough

Try an Ultimate System on your most demanding outdoor court, and you'll never need to buy another basketball system. From the massive 6-inch-square 3/16-inch wall pole to the tip of the Ultimate goal, these systems are meant to take the abuse common on today's playgrounds. All fixed-height Ultimate systems feature a full 60-inch setback for maximum player safety and offer optional backboard and pole padding. Ultimate systems are covered by an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668

Doggie Workout

Gyms for Dogs™ has introduced the new Bridge Climb 28 for small and medium-sized dogs, a signature piece for any dog play area. The Bridge Climb is great for indoor daycare and indoor/outdoor boarding facilities, public parks, multi-family projects and residential settings. This unique and patent-pending product is designed for all sizes of dogs and features a nice incline hill climb so dogs can get good exercise. It is freestanding and does not require any mounting.

Gyms for Dogs: 800-931-1562

Get Functional

Perform Better has spent the past 25 years both supplying and redefining the fitness world, and they keep paving the way for functional training by supplying new, innovative products each year. Check out the 2017 Catalog, which includes the best name brands and largest in-stock selection of functional training equipment. This 100-page catalog is full of products for everyone who trains or rehabs clients, patients or athletes and is the perfect choice to meet everyone's functional training needs.

Perform Better: 800-556-7464

Provide Some Stability

EverGRIP22 is the perfect material to handle anti-skid issues in fitness equipment. This 22-ounce material is an unbalanced, high-grip, anti-skid, coated vinyl fabric with a diamond emboss. EverGRIP22 is used for exercise pieces such as plyo boxes and the underside of exercise and gymnastics mats. The fabric is tough and withstands great physical stress while its easy handling is key to the fabricator. EverGRIP22 has a soft supple hand for easy fabrication.

Value Vinyls: 866-799-5126

Extreme Support

Regupol America provides sports and fitness surfaces for every activity, going well beyond "fitness for purpose"—and always pushes the elements to provide the best results. Intense action demands extreme support. That's because Regupol invented the advanced manufacturing process that makes Regupol flooring extremely dense, resilient and wear-resistant. This durability comes with exceptional good looks and color combinations that make facilities as attractive as they are functional.

Regupol America: 800-537-8737